After nearly 4 months of competition, the “Long An’s Got Talent Student 2023” contest, organized by the Long An Province Youth Union in collaboration with Tan Tao University, has reached its final stage with an explosive, exciting, suspenseful, and emotional finale night with the top 25 finalists.

25 out of over 130 outstanding performances of the “Long An’s Got Talent Student” contest have been officially announced and competed in the final round. These meticulously crafted and magnificent performances have left a deep impression on the judging panel of the program and all the supporting audiences.

Mr. Nguyen Mai Lam – Vice Rector of Tan Tao University, shared about the results of the contest as well as programs and activities to create playgrounds for students in the future.

Mr. Pham Van Hau – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union – Chairman of the Student Union, and Chairman of the Provincial Young Pioneers Council gave a welcome speech for the Finals and shared the purpose, significance, as well as process of organizing the contest.

The Panel of Judges for the Finals received flowers from the Organizing Committee.

The Finals brought together diverse colors with well-prepared and skilled performances by the students from Long An province. With intelligence, creativity, abundant energy, and passion of youth, the contestants brought to the Finals outstanding and attractive performances, creating many surprises and interesting moments.

According to the Judges’ evaluation, the competition performances were of high quality, invested, and focused on content, with a high level of education; professional, and meticulous in performance.

The competition teams listened to the comments and feedback of the judging panel.

The performance of singer Thanh Duy set the stage on fire with enthusiastic responses from the competition teams and audience.

On the Finals night, the Organizing Committee presented awards for the best performances in each group and supplementary awards:


– First Prize:

+ Acoustic Mashup: Lá cờ + Giai điệu tự hào | Tan Tao University

+ Ký ức Côn Đảo | Tan Hung High School

– Second Prize:

+ Tinh Hoa Đất Việt | Thu Thua High School

– Third Prize:

+ Nam Quốc Sơn Hà | Long Cang Secondary and High School

+ Biết ơn Chị Võ Thị Sáu | Hau Thanh Dong Secondary and High School

+ Hồn Thiêng Đất Việt | Luong Hoa Secondary and High School

– Encouragement Prize:

+ Bất khuất | Tan Hung High School

+ Bài ca Tôm cá | Luong Hoa Secondary and High School

+ Đức Hoà – Những lời ru | Hau Nghia High School

+ Mashup: Con Cò | Can Duoc High School

+ Liên khúc: Long An khúc hát ân tình – Thênh thang đường mới | Tan An High School

+ Hòn Vọng Phu | Le Quy Don High School

+ Mashup: Chiến sử người con miền đất đỏ | Vinh Hung High School


– First Prize: Modern Dance | Rach Kien High School

– Second Prize:

+ Nhất quỷ nhì ma | Tan Tao High School for the Gifted

– Third Prize:

+ Modern Dance | Long Cang Secondary and High School

– Encouragement Prize:

+ Mysterious | Duc Hoa High School

+ This is me | Long An Specialized High School

+ Mashup: Việt Nam những chuyến đi, Nhất quỷ nhì ma, Mình cùng nhau đóng băng | Nguyen Thong High School

+ Mashup: Ái nộ, Chân ái, Breakfast | Vo Van Tan High School


– First Prize: Play: Bà má Hậu Giang | Kien Tuong High School

– Second Prize:

+ Martial arts: Vovinam | Kien Tuong High School

– Third Prize:

+ Musical Instruments: Tàu anh qua núi | Thanh Hoa High School

– Encouragement Prize:

+ Flute Playing: Đoản xuân ca | Can Duoc High School

+ Play: Hồi ức anh hùng | My Lac High School


– Most Impressive Performance Award: Modern Dance | Rach Kien High School

– School with the Best Quality Participating Performances Award: Tan Hung High School

The Organizing Committee awarded prizes for outstanding performances in each competition group.

The “Long An’s Got Talent Student 2023” contest has brought an exciting playground for students to showcase their talents. It contributes to promoting creativity, honoring young talents, and awakening the cultural and artistic abilities of the generation of students in the province.

Here are some images from the contest: