Academic Guidelines

An honor code establishes an understanding regarding how to conduct oneself within an academic institution. Each student of Tan Tao University is expected to personally uphold the values and principles of the honor code. These ideals require each student of Tan Tao University to refrain from and discourage behaviors that threaten the freedom and respect every individual deserves, such as: cheating, plagiarism, aiding in academic dishonesty, falsification, and behaving in a disruptive manner.   By participating in Tan Tao University, each student should act with Integrity, Respect, and Professionalism to maintain an honorable and ethical environment.


Academic Calendar & Courses

TTU offers 10 undergraduate majors across five divisions of study, including Business & Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine and Biotechnology. You can learn more about each major, minor and course by clicking on the links below.


Undergraduated Academic Life

Students could use their online accounts to view their transcripts at They can also use the accounts to request for official transcripts through the web page.

Welcome to Tan Tao University! Tan Tao University provides students with not only knowledge and professional skills but also a broad sense of knowledge they need to work in this world.

TTU offer courses based on American credit system, so students can further  their education by applying to the American graduate school or enter job the market. I am sure you will be satisfied with Tan Tao University.