Hoa Trang Nguyen Awards Ceremony is coming


Hoa Trang Nguyen Awards Ceremony 2015 is expected to be organized in the North at the beginning of October and in the South at the middle of October. Once again, the organizers of Hoa Trang Nguyen are waiting to honour the outstanding students all over to countries.

Hoa Trang Nguyen Awards has been initially hosted by the Commission for Popularization and Education, Ministry of Education & Training, HCM Communist Youth Union, Viet Nam University and College Association and sponsored by Tan Tao Group from 2008.


Up to now, nearly 10,000 students all over the country were granted Hoa Trang Nguyen Prizes with total value over 20 billions Vietnamese dong. This year many big prizes for students shall be granted:

A laptop and 2 millions Vietnamese dong shall be granted for a student, who achieve international prizes (gold, silver, bronze medal);

Students of the first national prize shall be granted 4 millions Vietnamese dong;

Each province will sort out 5 students of the top-score in the national high school exam 2014-2015. These students shall be granted 3 millions each;

In addition, each student will receive certification, honor medal, membership of Hoa Trang Nguyen Club; and first-year-full-scholarship at Tan Tao University is also offered for Hoa Trang Nguyen students