Time: 8: 00 a.m. (Friday, November 12, 2021)
Three main streams:
1) Second language acquisition.
2) Industry 4.0 paradigms applied to education.
3) Learning behaviours and classroom management.

Particularly, the upcoming conference has welcomed and received 12 registered presentations from domestic universities (Tan Tao University, Ton Duc Thang University, International University, FPT Polytechnic College in Danang) and language centers to some foreign universities (Tennessee Wesleyan University in the USA, and Monash University in Australia),  as well as pre-made video presentations submitted to the Organizing Committee. These presentations are hoped to provide diverse experiences and backgrounds for the conference attendees and those interested.
The link of three main streams: 
1) Second language acquisition at https://msteams.link/09JI
2) Industry 4.0 paradigms applied to education at https://msteams.link/ORHE
3) Learning behaviours and classroom management has 2 rooms:
    Room 1 at https://msteams.link/W2AS
    Room 2 at https://msteams.link/1VLH