International Cooperation – Pathway To Become Global Citizen


TTU – In this fast changing and internationalized era, Tan Tao University (TTU) provides students with opportunities for global experience and international integration to shape their initial success.

International cooperation

Tan Tao University strives to deliver outstanding advantages through our bachelor’s program with a comprehensive learning experience and international integration. TTU students are encouraged to think global, experience and work abroad.

Currently, TTU has established relationships and signed cooperation with universities, institutes, businesses and leading organizations around the world. TTU students are facilitated to study and participate in scientific seminars in Korea, the United States, Singapore … They are the perfect chances for them to hone their skills for future careers.

TTU signing MOU with other schools

TTU has international cooperation with leading educational institutions

For example, in May 2019, 12 medical students went to Chicago to start a summer internship at St Mary’s Medical Center, Hobart IN and Methodist Hospital, Merrillville Indiana. This group of students participated in a Problem-based Learning (PBL) class at Indiana University. At the same time, in Baltimore, Maryland, another group was having an intern in the emergency department.

Then in July, August and September, TTU cooperated with the University of Texas – School of Medicine in Houston to send students here for clinical practice. In the summer, TTU continued to send 40 medical students to practice in the United States under the annual cooperation program. Moreover, Widya Mandala University in Indonesia has received 3 students of School of Humanities and Languages of TTU for the internship. The School of Business and Administration of TTU also had 5 students coming to the United States to participate in research and reporting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA.

There are also many outstanding students at TTU such as: Tran Thanh Binh proving the talent and capability of a global student, and soon seizing an internship at the Offfice of Senator Joe Pittman, USA. In addition, he also achieved the Top 10 among 2000 Pitchers at TIS The Pitch 2018 – Shark Tank Experience and attended many conferences and exhibitions such as Microsoft Future Now 2019, Asus Expo 2019, Navigating the Evolving Social Media Lanscape of Decision Lab Vietnam 2020. Nguyen Bich Ngoc Huong received a $ 4,000 scholarship – Master of Science in Biology at Adelphi University, Garden City, New York.

Become global citizen with TTU

Seize the chances to become global citizen at TTU

One of the outstanding advantages when students study at TTU is the bilingual curriculum for the School of Medicine: 100% English for Business and Administration; Humanities and Languages; Biotechnology and Engineering.

At TTU, more than 64% of lecturers are foreign professors or Vietnamese graduates overseas. That’s how we provide the best conditions for students to develop their English proficiency at college.

Moreover, the Liberal Arts of TTU is inherited from Rice and Duke Universities which are the two leading universities in the United States. The educational environment at TTU encourages students to promote creative, critical and experimental thinking. Broad knowledge, soft skills and excellent English proficiency are what students will have at TTU. TTU alumni are having great job opportunities not only in Vietnam, ASEAN region but also in the US and many countries around the world.

Become global citizen with TTU

Prof. Thach Ngoc Nguyen – Vice Provost of TTU: “TTU follows the US education model and will go further to attract more students from ASEAN countries and the United States”.

According to the admission plan for the 2020-2021, Tan Tao University has 8 majors including: Biotechnology, English, Computer Science, General Medicine, Nursing and Medical Technology, Business Administration, International Business.

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