Medicine and the 10-year journey to improve teaching quality of Tan Tao University


In the modern era, society is witnessing many drastic and conscious changes to the educational environment, especially at the university level. The professions that require high expertise and flexibility work with the rapid development of technology and economy. Tan Tao University (TTU) since its establishment has devoted constant attention and efforts to improving the quality of training in the education system in general and especially for medical students.

With foresight and breakthrough strategy, Tan Tao University has oriented to develop an advanced learning environment, providing in-depth knowledge and international experience opportunities for students. Tan Tao University’s 10-year journey is a proud factor and leaves a deep mark in the field of medical training in Vietnam. Through unremitting efforts, Tan Tao University has created a world-class learning environment, where students are equipped with in-depth knowledge and have the opportunity to explore the world of medicine internationally. .

The mind looks to build the medical foundation of the future 

The pioneering vision and development strategy of Tan Tao University has opened the door for medical students to access learning and research experiences at top universities in the world. This not only ensures that students are equipped with the best knowledge, but also broadens their horizons and ability to interact with the global medical community.

The vision of the Faculty of Medicine at Tan Tao University is an inspiration that pioneered and facilitated medical students from Vietnam to the US to learn and experience advanced and multi-dimensional medical technology and knowledge. The university has affirmed its position in medical training and helping students develop comprehensively to meet the increasing requirements of the industry. This promotes healthy competition and co-development with other medical schools to bring students access to international medicine.

Moreover, the Faculty of Medicine not only focuses on professional training, but also promotes ethical qualities, responsibility and humanistic thinking for students. Quality training, discovery and application of medical advances are creating a bright future for the medical profession.

Thanks to these values, TTU School of Medicine makes an important contribution to building a strong and developing medical industry in Vietnam and constantly goes far on the path of improving training quality, creating new doors. students and actively contribute to the improvement of the health and quality of life of the community. With its achievements and dreams for the future, TTU Medical Faculty confidently asserts its position and continues to rise in its noble mission.

Top lecturers – The fulcrum of success 

The teaching staff of TTU Faculty of Medicine are not only experts with extensive experience and knowledge, but also those who have made great contributions in the medical field. With dedication and passion, they have become teachers, mentors and inspirations for students. Faculty leaders, subject leaders and faculty are not only leaders in the fields of diagnosis, treatment and patient care, but are also teachers, mentors and inspirations for students.

With years of experience and direct patient access, faculty members impart practical and applied knowledge to students. It not only introduces the clinical aspects, but also introduces the latest technologies and methods in medicine, keeping students up to date with industry trends and advancements.

The enthusiasm of the faculty is a special highlight to accompany students in the learning and development process. Personal care and sharing, discovering and encouraging the potential of students, helping them to develop holistically and become trusted medical professionals. In addition, the teaching staff also provide a professional working and learning environment, support, help and encouragement. Thanks to the attention and companionship of the lecturers, students feel confident, discover their potential and develop holistically.

The faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine at Tan Tao University are not only a source of knowledge, but also an important source of inspiration and support in guiding and shaping the future of medical students. Students not only have the opportunity to access leading knowledge and skills, but also are guided and equipped with ethical qualities and humanistic thinking, helping them to become socially conscious citizens, actively contribute to the development of health in Vietnam.

The starting place of successful doctors 

TTU Medical Faculty is not only proud of the success of its medical alumni, but also of the way the school provides opportunities for students to experience studying and working in the US. This brings a special feature and undeniable value in the training process of TTU Medical Faculty.

Students of the Medical Faculty of Tan Tao University have been equipped with solid professional knowledge and skills through a quality training program. Doctors from TTU have not only overcome difficulties and challenges during their internship, but also know how to take advantage of every opportunity to develop and improve their professional skills. This has helped them become trusted medical professionals, recognized and appreciated by the medical industry.

However, the pride is not only in the personal success of these alumni, but also in the positive contribution to the development of medicine and society. With enthusiasm and open vision, these doctors are constantly striving to improve the quality of medical care, sharing knowledge and experience for the next generation. This contribution not only helps to improve public health, but also brings progress and development to the medical field.

In addition, TTU Medical Faculty students also have the opportunity to participate in internships and practice programs at leading hospitals and medical facilities in the US. This gives them access to cutting-edge technology and treatments, honing their professional skills, and becoming trusted medical professionals. The practical experience in the US medical environment helps TTU medical students gain confidence and succeed in their careers in the industry.

Overall, the success of successful Doctors is a clear proof of the importance of combining theoretical knowledge and practice in the medical training process. The Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University is proud of the alumni who have become people whose positions are developed not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of qualities and ability to contribute positively to the community and society.

Mission for the community: TTU – SOM builds a community to fight the epidemic and recover from the Covid-19 epidemic

During the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic in Duc Hoa district, Tan Tao University’s Faculty of Medicine and its students voluntarily participated in health activities and programs. play an important role in supporting communities, providing healthcare and mitigating the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Future doctors” participate in organizing face-to-face medical consultations and provide accurate information about the virus and prevention measures, thereby raising public awareness of the epidemic and leading to peace of mind for the people. This has helped to raise awareness of the epidemic and provide peace of mind to the people.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University has also participated in Covid-19 vaccination and testing activities. Medical students have played a direct role in the vaccination and testing process, ensuring the rapidity and effectiveness of disease prevention measures. This donation not only helps strengthen the community’s ability to vaccinate and test, but also reduce the risk of infection and protect everyone’s health.

In particular, the role of the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University has also actively contributed to the development of medicine and society in the post-epidemic period, from 2022-2023. Implement the program Free medical screening for people in neighboring wards/communes to help provide modern, comprehensive and time-saving health care services for the community. Contributing to meeting the health needs of the community and the sustainable development of medicine and society. The dedication and expertise of the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University has created pride and confidence in the community, and at the same time affirms the importance of medical education in improving the quality of life and health of the community. everybody.

10 years of progress with quality and journey to raise the level of training

Over the years of formation and development, Tan Tao University’s 10-year journey of medical training has gone through many challenges and difficulties. However, with dedication and focus on quality, Tan Tao University has overcome all barriers to provide medical students with a learning and development environment to be truly proud of.

During the past 10 years, TTU has focused not only on imparting comprehensive medical knowledge, but also on building future doctors with enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility. It is hoped that those values ​​will create positive changes in the approach to education and create an interactive learning environment that promotes creativity.

Every step in this journey puts the interests of the patient and community first. TTU is committed to continuing to contribute to building a better world medical community. Will constantly strive, innovate and inspire the next generation of Medical students, to bring great benefits to society and the national health. Tan Tao University is proud of this journey and believes that the future will continue to bring great achievements in the medical field.