The Recruitment Process at TTU is as follows:

  1. Apply for a position listed on our jobs website. Please complete the application form, and provide the supporting documents as described on the job advertisement.
  2. If you’re shortlisted you’ll be invited to interview for the role.
  3. If you’re successful after interview, other checks are conducted (eg. Reference checks, English Language proficiency).
  4. If you are the preferred candidate, you will be presented with a verbal and written Offer of employment.
  5. If you accept, you will commence the onboarding and induction process.
  6. If you are a foreign employee, we will support you with the Vietnam Work Permit process.

Interviews are conducted using a behavioural interviewing method. This means that you will be asked questions about your past that will help us to understand your capabilities in the role you are applying for.

Questions usually start with, “Tell us about a time when…” or “Can you describe when…”

You can expect the questions to focus on very specific experiences and examples of situations that you have found yourself in. You should aim to give answers by following the STAR technique:

Situation: the context – tell us, in a sentence or two, the background of your example

Eg. “While I was the Communications Manager for the University of Saturn, there was a serious outbreak of carpal tunnel, which caused significant student absenteeism from classes.”

Task: What needed to happen? This should be general – it may have been a task that was given to you, or you may have identified this general need yourself. Think of it as your objective, or what you were trying to achieve.

Eg. “We needed to convince students to type less, wash their hands regularly, and stay home when they were unwell so that they didn’t spread the illness .”

Action: What specific actions did YOU take to complete the task? How did you go about it and what considerations or decisions did you have to make?

Eg. “I convened a crisis communication meeting with the Senior Management group as well as our on-campus healthcare professionals and proposed that we implement an internal campaign with the message ‘Coughs and squeezes spread carpal tunnel diseases’, reminding students and staff to type less, wash their hands, and to stay at home when unwell. I implemented the campaign by…” etc

Result: What was the outcome of you getting involved? What did you achieve? What did you learn from the experience? If you can, make these as detailed as possible.

Eg. “After the first week of my campaign, new incidents of carpal tunnel had dropped by 15%. Furthermore, throughout the campaign students were heard around the campus chanting the slogan at students who had symptoms of carpal tunnel, which we believe added to the peer influence that helped the campaign’s success.”