Standard grade for passing to Tan Tao University by results of graduate examination 2021: 22 is the highest score.


On the afternoon of September 15, the Admission Council of Tan Tao University (TTU) officially announced the admission criteria according to the method of considering the high school graduation exam 2021 of 8 majors for university-level training. In which, the highest score is 22 score, belonging to the medical field. Nursing and Medical Technology is 19 score. International Business, Business Administration, English Language, Biotechnology, Computer Science have the same matriculation score of 15.

Accordingly, from 09:00 morning (September 16, 2021), candidates can access the TTU website to look up the results and the list of successful candidates at:

‼️ NOTE:

Candidates recognized as successful must confirm their admission by submitting the Certificate of High School Graduation Exam 2021 (original) to TTU before 17:00 on September 26, 2021 (calculated by postmark). According to this regulation, if the successful candidate does not submit the Certificate of Examination results or submits it after the above time, it will be considered refusing admission to TTU. But, the candidate can scan the documents to send to the school to complete the procedures. Then, you will submit the original when admission to the school.

In particular, the school will continue to publish online admission instructions for candidates who have confirmed their admission by the specified deadline. New students and parents, please follow more information on the Fanpage and Website TTU.