“Talent Program” in International Business and career opportunities


“Talent Program” (English system) in International Business (International Business) at Tan Tao University (TTU) focuses on developing both professional knowledge and soft skills. Students not only learn about business theory but also participate in practical projects, helping learners practice problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Comprehensive professional knowledge

With an American standard curriculum, based on Duke University’s bachelor’s training program. The International Business major, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, offers 129 credits over 4 years. The program will provide students with foundational knowledge of business, international trade, international marketing, and finance. international business law,… helps students approach, get acquainted and work effectively in an international business environment.

Students can also study liberal arts subjects in many fields to help students develop comprehensively in terms of personality and intelligence such as Language, Culture, Literature, Civilizations, History, Mathematics, Economics, Management, Leadership and Communication, Mechanics, and Chemistry. This gives Tan Tao University students the opportunity to explore and develop skills and abilities in many different fields.

Through practical lessons, students will interact with experienced professors. This helps students develop effective communication, persuasion, and teamwork skills

This course is taught by a team of professors with extensive experience and knowledge in the business field. They are not only excellent teachers, but also dedicated teachers who are always ready to support students’ development.

Improve English proficiency

English is a global language and a key to the success of international business. This program helps students improve their ability to use professional English, enabling effective communication and cooperation with partners and foreign clients. The English output standard of the “Talent Program” is IELTS 7.0 or other equivalent certificates.

The English communication environment plays an important role in developing language and communication skills, and shaping students’ international vision

Nguyen Dinh Uyen Khanh – 2nd year student majoring in International Business said: “The Talent program helps me improve my English more through a training environment close to reality. After completing 4 years of study, I will confidently use Use foreign languages ​​in your work. And because of the nature of the field of study and also in the future, English is a global language, widely used in the fields of business, finance, and international trade, the main language for communicating with people. partners, customers, and colleagues from around the world.”

Creating opportunities to study and work abroad

Tan Tao University’s international business promotes international exchange and cooperation. Students have the opportunity to participate in international learning activities, student exchanges, and even intern in international companies. This provides an opportunity to establish international relations networks and familiarize oneself with business cultures around the world.

Duong Nguyen Gia Han – 2nd year international business student shared that when you have the ability to use English, you will open up opportunities to work anywhere in the world. Multinational companies and international organizations often prioritize candidates who can communicate in English, helping you interact and work with people from many different countries. This broadens your horizons, helping you understand many cultures, perspectives, and business practices around the world.

Improve the ability to adapt to a multicultural working environment. When students are good at using English and participating in short-term study abroad programs, they will have the opportunity to Develop the ability to adapt to a multicultural working environment, thereby meeting the needs of businesses in the context of globalization, where businesses increasingly focus on cooperation with foreign partners.

Career opportunities

The International Business major at Tan Tao University opens up many diverse and attractive career opportunities for individuals with knowledge and skills in this field. International business promises to continue to be a key industry of the global economy. If you work in a dynamic, professional and globalized environment, this is the perfect choice for you.

Some common jobs in the International Business industry include:

– Export and import managers: Manage and execute transactions of buying and selling goods and services between countries. They ensure compliance with international trade regulations and agreements.

– Global distributor: Manage supply chains and transport goods across national borders. This includes warehouse management, transportation, and ensuring efficient distribution.

Career opportunities in International Business require knowledge of international trade, management, finance, and cross-cultural communication skills. In particular, the use of English and other foreign languages ​​is an important advantage to participate in the global business environment..