Tan Tao University – Admission Policy 2020

On October 21, the meeting of Tan Tao University’s Admissions Council right after online webinar of the MOET has decided implementation of the 2020 regulation and admissions policy of TTU.

Specifically, in addition to General Medicine, Nursing and Medical Technology, Tan Tao University also has 5 other majors teaching entirely by English-Vietnamese (English Language, Business Administration, International Business, Computer Science, Biotechnology).

  • Admission Criteria: High school transcripts, National High School Exam results

and Result of Vietnamese Standardized Test and interview

  • Admission Subject:

+ Subject 1: Students graduated from Vietnamese High Schools.

+ Subject 2: Students graduated from International High Schools.

+ Subject 3: Students already had Bachelor and master’s degrees.

Range of admission: Nationwide students and International Students.

Training majors:

School of Training Field of Training Code Combination Assessment Language of Training
School of Medicine General Medicine 7720101 Math, Physics, Chemistry

Math, Chemistry, Biology

Math, Biology, English

Math, English, Natural Science Test

School of Nursing and Medical Technology Nursing 7720301 Math, Physics, Chemistry

Math, Chemistry, Biology

Math, Biology, English

Math, English, Natural Science Test

Medical Technology 7720601
School of Biotechnology Biotechnology 7420201 All of training: English-Vietnamese

+ If students are accepted to study at TTU but do not reach the required level of English, they will continue studying English for 1 year before going into major

School of Economics and Business Administration Business Administration 7340101
International Business 7340120
School of Engineering Computer Science 7480101
School of Humanities and Languages English 7220201

– Conditions for Admission Application: Students having a high school diploma and meeting the following requirements (depending on subjects) will be eligible to apply for admission.

Subject Criteria General Medicine, Nursing and Medical Technology Other majors


Academic High School Transcripts General Medicine:

Good performance in grade 12 or Graduation result is above 8.0

First Assessment: GPA of 3 years is 6.0 or higher

Assessment Combination

Combination 1: Math – Physics – Chemistry

Combination 2: Math – Chemistry – Biology

Combination 3: Math – Biology -English

Combination 4: Math – Biology – Literature

Second Assessment:

Assessment for the National High School Examination Result

Entry level will be announced after the results of the National High School Examination

Nursing and Medical Technology:

Average performance in grade 12 or Graduation result is above 6.5

National High School Examination Result Meeting the requirement of quality assurance

stipulated by MOET after taking the National High School Examination.

Result of Competency Assessments from other universities with Health-care majors Tan Tao University will consider candidates who have passed the entrance exam at one of the universities with health-care training and not qualified for others with their own entrance exam in accordance to the regulation of the MOET.

Assessment will be based on the exam results and the following criteria:

+ Candidates are eligible to take the 2020 National High School Exam according to the regulations of the MOET.

+ Students have graduated from high school.

+ Average score of subjects in the admission combination should be at least 15.0 (in which there is no default) with Nursing and Medical Technology.

+ The total score is 650 or above for General Medicine and 550 or above for Nursing and Medical Technology.

+ Pass the interview

+ Application time: From June 16, 2020

Subject 2 High School GPA General Medicine: 

GPA of 3 years is 2.5 or higher

GPA of 3 years is 2.0 or higher
Nursing and Medical Technology:

GPA of 3 years is 2.0 or higher.

Subject 3 Graduated Bachelor and master’s degree Having Bachelor or master’s degree of any fields of study or having above – average Diploma in Healthcare Having University or master’s degree of any fields of study
  • Time of receiving application for admission: From the beginning of June 2020 until all the slot is full.

Contact through Zalo / Hotline: 0981 152 153 for more information about first-year scholarship policy for students.

In 2020, the tuition fee for General Medicine is 150 Million VND / year and about 40 Million / year for the other 7 majors. This is applied to all students of Tan Tao University and will remain unchanged during the course of study.

Specially, the outstanding students will be facilitated by Tan Tao University and faculties to enroll in internship programs in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and many other developed countries. This is not only a condition for students to apply what they have learned into practice, but also an opportunity for them, to explore the work culture and the scientific research of Western culture.

Visit http://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/ to find out more about the Admission Policy, Incentives, and scholarships for our beloved students.

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