Tan Tao University online enrollment consideration


At this time, the online enrollment consideration is an “Easy” opportunity for candidates to firmly elect the admission goal, officially become a new student of Tan Tao University. In addition, it’s helping candidates easy to enroll “at home.”

Note: No matter which method you apply for, you will be equal during your studies. You can enjoy the same learning environment, training quality, and utility system.

From September 6, 2021, Tan Tao University officially launched the school year for the students who passed the first enrollment, with a series of exciting activities as Talk show: School of Medicine “Answering the questions about the School of Medicine at Tan Tao University, “Organized placement exam, so on.

Do not hesitate. Register now to become a student of Tan Tao University today!

– School of Medicine.

– School of Nursing and Medical Technology.

– School of Economics & Business Administration.

– School of Humanities & Languages.

– School of Biotechnology.

– School of Engineering.

The application period for ONLINE ENROLLMENT CONSIDERATION until December 31, 2021.

Detailed instructions: https://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/ttts/

Tan Tao University also awards many scholarships worth up to 100% for the first year.

Scholarship information and tuition reduction policy: https://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/cshb/

Wish you choose the right University environment.


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