Tan Tao University: Stabilizing Tuition Fee And Enhancing Training Quality


According to Prof. Thach Nguyen, Vice Provost of Tan Tao University (TTU), over the past three years, TTU has not raised a penny in tuition fee, including School of Medicine. The quality of teaching is guaranteed to be commensurate with the spending of families and students.

Medical interns were directly instructed by Professor Thach Nguyen at St.Mary Medical Center, USA

Expenses at TTU were carefully calculated and kept stable. Prof. Thach Nguyen understands the advantages, disadvantages and expects lecturers of medical schools in Vietnam to get paid reasonably to ensure good teaching and career development.

Public details

* What is the specific tuition fee level for healthcare majors at TTU?

– According to TTU’s Admission Plan in 2020, the tuition fee for School of Medicine is 150 million VND per year and remains unchanged during 6 years of the course.

– For other majors, it is credit-based calculation which is 1.3 million VND/theory credit, 1.95 million VND/practice credit. The average tuition fee for these majors is about 40 million VND/year and remains unchanged during 4 years of the course.

* With high tuition fees, what is the commitment of TTU for students? 

– The tuition fee has been stabilized at the end of 2016 when I returned to TTU until now. Even at a high level, tuition fee is carefully calculated following the financial management from the United States. TTU’s total income is reinvested for the improvement of teaching staff, including many renowned professors in Vietnam and the US. Besides, the progress of TTU students is maximized due to the massive support from professors.

Attractive scholarships

* Does TTU offer any scholarship programs for talented students?

Indeed, we have different scholarships such as 100%, 50%, 25% tuition fee. For example, 100% scholarships for the first year are granted for students who have great performances in the exam for gifted students, or those having high scores in the National High School Exam, and pass the interview from TTU.

In the following academic years, students will be granted scholarships of 100%, 50%, 25% depending on academic results as well as participatory activities. In addition, TTU also provides interest-free loans for students.

Students of the School of Medicine and Professors and Doctors from Georgetown University and University of Chicago, USA

High Quality Training Program

* In your opinion, what are the competitive advantages of TTU’s healthcare majors compared to others?

– Healthcare majors at TTU are built extraordinarily in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. In addition, TTU proactively creates opportunities for students to immerse in the world’s advanced science of healthcare.

– At TTU, all students, especially medical ones, are equals to the study opportunities with leading professors such as Prof. Neil Kleiman – Cardiology, University of Texas, Houston (USA), Prof. Peter Singer – used to be the President of the American Thyroid Association and etc.

– Students are facilitated to go on internships in the US for 1-2 months at major hospitals such as St. Mary Medical Center (Indiana), University of Maryland Medical Center (Maryland), Hermann Memorial Hospital (Texas), Christ Hospital (Illinois) . Since 2016, there have been 10 groups of students coming to the US to practice.

– Moreover, TTU also arranges students to report at major scientific conferences in Hanoi, Da Nang (Vietnam) Beijing (China), Busan (South Korea), San Francisco , San Diego, Chicago (USA), …

– Currently, TTU also organizes small English classes which are for 5 students to be able to practice English with native speakers (from the US) through Zoom platform. In addition, 6th year students are supported to undertake the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) with teachers from the US.

– TTU has not charged any additional expenses for the above activities. Many parents who are leading doctors at major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces with their children studying at TTU strongly believe in TTU’s method.

* What is the roadmap of TTU’s development for Healthcare majors in the upcoming years?

– It can be summarized as following:

Firstly, becoming the top training institution of the healthcare major with high quality lecturers in Vietnam.

Second, deploying intensive mentoring for students during internships at leading hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City such as Tam Duc Hospital, Thong Nhat, Binh Dan, Cho Ray, Nguyen Tri Phuong, … I carefully investigated the hospital internship program and sent my best regards for the enthusiastic teachers. The number of students per group is less than ten people at one hospital to ensure the quality of training from clinicians.

Third, increasing the number of American modules in the curriculum. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, TTU can currently “import” up to 20% of online curriculum from the US. TTU continually brings prestigious lecturers from the US to teach bed-side at major hospitals in Vietnam.

Fourth, sending students to practice in the US and South Korea and supporting them to undertake the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) which is equal to the American based training program.

Fifth, sending students to report at major conferences on healthcare domestically and overseas.

Sixthly, according to the tradition of medical schools in the US, the Dean of School of Medicine needs to ensure that all graduates have jobs and hospitals to practice to study for a license

In 2020, TTU’s healthcare has 3 training majors: General Medicine, Medical Technology and Nursing. All 3 majors are trained bilingually in English – Vietnamese with a target of 300 students. TTU will organize admission with the following methods:

Results by National high school exam in 2020:

TTU will base on the threshold of input quality assurance score (screening point) set by the Ministry of Education and Training after having the results (in 2019: entrance scores> = 21 points.

With 4 combinations: Math, Biology, Chemistry; Math Physic Chemistry, Math English Chemistry, Math Biology English.

 High school Transcript Assessment:

School of Medicine: Good performance of grade 12 or higher or GPA> = 8.0

Nursing and Medical Technology: Good performance of grade 12 or higher or GPA > = 6.5

The results of the competency test organized by Ho Chi Minh National University:

School of Medicine: Total exam score> = 650 points

Nursing and Medical Technology: Total exam score> = 550 points

Time to receive admission documents from 1/6/2020 to meet the enough criteria

For more information, please visit: www.ttu.edu.vn or call HOTLINE: 0961.380.099 – 0981.152.153

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