Tan Tao University: Western castle in the heart of Knowledge City


Tan Tao University (TTU) is located in Tan Duc Industrial Park (Tan Duc E-city), Duc Hoa district, Long An province, less than 15km from Ho Chi Minh City. With Western architecture coupled with an international curriculum, Tan Tao University is known as the “American University in Vietnam”.

Impressive Western architecture in the middle of green space

Designed and built according to the model of Rice University in the United States, Tan Tao University has a unique architecture from the West. With a scale of more than 103 hectares, Tan Tao University is located in the middle of a green campus that looks like a 5-star resort in the middle of the resort. Coming to TTU is coming to thousands of virtual living corners from reed grassland to lawns and trees. The outside space is green, with fresh pieces that protect the health of students after stressful hours, creating a gentle relaxing atmosphere.

Stepping inside the school, everyone must be overwhelmed by 8 large stone pillars, above which is the dome of the blue sky. You seem to be lost in the world of Greek myths.

One of the most special features, Tan Tao University has a museum of ceramics that recreates archaeological sites, overviewing the entire history of Vietnam from the time the Hung Kings built the country until now. Artisan Tran Do – artisan of Bat Trang ceramics village, worked hard for many years to prepare for the 1000th-anniversary exhibition of Thang Long – Hanoi.

The library is also a highlight of Tan Tao. Unlike normal libraries, the TTU Library is designed with a quiet and airy space, with private group study rooms to create favorable conditions for students to perfect their knowledge, exchange learning, and practice self-learning.

Besides, with a large land fund, TTU builds functional areas such as tennis courts, football fields and promises a golf course project to teach students in the near future.

Winging the future for education

Not only beautiful about the landscape outside the campus, but Tan Tao University also has a beautiful ideal in terms of education. That is reflected in the policies on tuition fees and scholarships to encourage students.

The 50 billion VND “launch pad” scholarship fund gives wings to the dream of 100% tuition support for 100 excellent new students in the 2022 class to study at the university. In addition, students with difficult circumstances and overcoming difficulties in studying are also entitled to a tuition reduction policy and are supported by the school until graduation. This will be a “solid launch pad” for the career of new students in the journey to build their own future.

TTU believes that sharing knowledge, supporting innovation and making a difference will change the future. Awarding scholarships is the most practical way for students to realize their goals, acquire knowledge, and constantly develop themselves to build a career right from the first steps.

American Standard Training Program

As a US-standard university, TTU focuses most on English-language programs. That is also the strength of TTU students after graduation. The proof of this is that students of TTU Faculty of Economics graduated from university and worked for multinational corporations such as Unilever, P&G, PwC… foreign companies and received countless scholarships to study abroad. Students majoring in Biotechnology, Computer Science, and English Language also get a lot of Master’s and even Ph.D. scholarships in the United States, and Korea, … or participate in scientific research greatly. Right from the first year, TTU students have access to exchanges with many businesses, scientific institutions, and start-up projects from the Faculty of Economics, Biotechnology, Machine Science, and even Languages ​​from the first year. Students are facilitated to practice at school, at large companies of Tan Tao Group, and are guaranteed 100% of jobs when they just graduate, even at school with a high salary.

For School of Medicine, 3 majors are enrolled including Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Nursing. TTU Faculty of Medicine trains under the English – Vietnamese bilingual program with the orientation for qualified students to work in the United States. Tan Tao University introduced the 3D technology – Anatomage system into teaching from 2016-2017. Besides, Tan Tao University has also linked with 16 frontline hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City for students to practice. TTU students also have the opportunity to come to the US for 1-2 months to practice at prestigious hospitals such as St Mary Medical Center (Indiana), University of Maryland Medical Center (Maryland), Hermann Memorial Hospital (Texas), Christ Hospital (Illinois). ). In particular, TTU also trains General Medicine students to obtain the USMLE practicing certificate and the NCLEX exam for Nursing students. In addition, medical students are also given the opportunity to participate in research and scientific reports at domestic seminars and conferences (in Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City) and at international conferences. (Beijing, Busan, San Francisco and San Diego).

Photos that cause “nostalgia” at Tan Tao University

Tan Tao University in 2022 enrolls 10 majors until December 31, 2022:

General Medicine: 150,000,000 VND/year.

Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology: Under the credit system with 1,300,000/theory credit, 1,950,000VND/practice credit, an average of 40,000,000 VND/year.

Groups of Business Administration, International Business, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, English Language, Biotechnology Talented Bachelor Program in English: By credit system with 1,300,000 /theory credit, 1,950,000VND/practice credit, average 40,000,000 VND/year.

Groups of Business Administration, International Business, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, English Language, Biotechnology Standard Program in Vietnamese: By credit system with 830,000VND/credit theory only. 1,250,000 VND/practice credit, average 25,000,000 VND/year.

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Email: tuyensinh@ttu.edu.vn