[TTU NEWS] Admission to Tan Tao University with additional admissions.


Accordingly, candidates who did not pass the first round of admission yet, gave the first round of access but did not enroll in the school, or did not register for the first admission can apply for these additional admissions. However, that is considered the final opportunity of the university for candidates, so candidates need to think carefully, learn how to apply for admission, and prepare full documents.

Based on the current situation, TTU considers additional admissions for eight majors as follows:

TTU additional admission scores in 2021

No. Code Enrollment Major Admission score
1 7220201 English 15
2 7340101 Business Administration 15
3 7340120 International Business 15
4 7420201 Biotechnology 15
5 7480101 Computer Science 15
6 7720101 Medicine 22
7 7720301 Nursing 19
8 7720601 Medical Technique 19

Eligible candidates include:

– Candidates who did not pass all the registered admission in the 1st round;

– Candidates who passed the registered wish but did not confirm their admission;

– Candidates who did not register for admission examination 1.

When the epidemic is complicated, the school will flexibly contact and receive online applications via email, Facebook, or Zalo.

More admission opportunities from the academic transcript

In addition to considering other admissions, candidates can still apply for admission to 8 majors through examination of high school transcripts to December 31, 2021.

The score for Medicine is 22, Nursing and Medical Technology is 19, the remaining 15 points. For the scoring average of 12th grade, the medical major is excellent, the nursing and medical technology is good or higher, and the remaining majors have an average of 5 semesters (grades 10, 11, and 12). 1st-semester 12th grade) from 6.0 and up. All students, when applying for admission, must pass an interview of TTU.

In 2021, TTU has many preferential policies, valuable scholarships, and financial burden-sharing policies for new students. That helps parents and students who far away feel completely secure with a safe and comfortable new learning environment during the learning process.