Vision – Mission – Core Values – Education Philosophy – Environment – Community service



Tan Tao University (English name: Tan Tao University, abbreviated name: TTU) is a Private Non-Profit University where has English teaching curriculums under a specialized program comparable to other prestigious and outstanding programs in Vietnam, the United States, as well as other advanced international ones in order to achieve the Vietnamese university of international standards. The founder of TTU is Dr Dang Thi Hoang Yen (Aka Maya Dangelas) – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tan Tao Group, Chairman of Vietnam and America Business Forum which was officially approved for establishment on November 25, 2010, under Decision 2154/QD-TTg establishing the Tan Tao University of the Prime Minister. Our head office is located at Tan Tao University Avenue, Tan Duc E City Urban Area, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, on about 103ha.

On October 11, 2021, the Provost of Tan Tao University signed Decision No. 95/QD-TTU. Twenty-one declaring the Vision – Mission – Core Values – Education Philosophy – Education Program – Environment – Community Service. The entire Declaration is as follows:

Vision: Tan Tao University aspires to become a globally distinguished educational institution, providing high-standard education, practicing on the foundation of researched knowledge and serving any people in Vietnam, Southeast Asia as well as in global.

Mission: With educational philosophy, standards, and practices based models of university education of America, Tan Tao University encourages independent thinking, nurturing the capability of perseverance and respect for diversity and language. The school is training individuals to own their creativity and logical thinking, life-long learning ability, honesty, leadership and responsibility for the country.

Core values:

Responsibility (to selves, families, domestic and international communities)

Cooperation (in all activities)

Efforts (to work together towards building a developed and outstanding TTU)

Quality (reaching both domestic and international standards)

Creativity (valuable differences)

Respect (for selves, community rights)

Leadership (selves, teams, and organizations/business)

Educational Philosophy: Liberal Arts – Lifelong Learning

a. Liberal Arts

The philosophy of liberal arts is based on a comprehensive and multi-dimensional knowledge in many fields of the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences before diving into a major. With 25% of liberal arts subjects studied, selected, and synthesized from different disciplines in the entire curriculum, in the spirit of freedom of thinking – freedom of thought to freely choose to help train student’ abilities to self-study, self-adapt and improve themselves in new environments. Therefore, TTU’s training program builds a remarkable competitive advantage for learners in jobs that require constant innovation or self-study in another area out of their ​​expertise if necessary.

b. Lifelong learning

TTU graduates will be active learners and lifelong learners, aiming to improve their professional knowledge and advanced skills to be eligible for career requirements and perfect themselves to work for their lifetime, precisely:

– Adapt to constant learning to find ways to complete different tasks;

– Actively build learning goals as well as life goals;

– Apply knowledge and skills in a flexible, relevant, and meaningful way;

– Demonstrate a commitment to maintain and continually learn both professional and personal matters;

– Listen, comprehend and integrate with own identities, and make continuous efforts for sustainable success in your career.

Education Program: TTU’s education program builds an outstanding competitive advantage for learners in jobs that require continuous global innovation or self-study in a different field beyond their expertise when necessary, with the benefit of exceptional English output standards. Our local and abroad teachers are experts, prosperous businessmen, lecturers with high academic degrees trained at prestigious schools abroad who are always looking for new teaching methods—modern and effective teaching approaches to the practical needs of Vietnamese and international society.

Partners: We have Tan Tao Group, Tan Duc, with a wide range of businesses operating in many fields in Vietnam. We have companies in the US market who are ready to welcome our learners to study with reputable and experienced experts. We seek and call for partners who are businesses and employers because this is not only a work, this also shows our deep concern for learners with thousands scholarships from Tan Tao Group from ITA Funds for the future, ITA Fund to win diseases, and ITA Fund to heal wounds aiming to support learning, provide medicine and materials to disadvantaged people, which are awarded to our students who have excellent academic records as well as to students around the country and this is also the way how we care about their future work. We always treat each other with respect and credibility.

Leaners: We communicate, interact, guide, enthusiastically advise and give one-on-one mentoring as soon as our students enter the university lecture hall on the first day with the desire to improve knowledge, mastery of knowledge, mastery of skills and virtuosity in practice incubating creativity and nurturing aspirations and imparting persistent will and positive energy so that they are ready to start a successful business. And above all, the human connection.

Shareholders: We know that when we are in this area and follow our principles, we ensure to get success. This success will be a reward for our shareholders. We take full responsibility for putting each of these elements in the right place so that Tan Tao University can survive and thrive. Tan Tao University’s learners are the beneficiaries of the development.

Statement of Environmental Mission and Community Service

Tan Tao University commits to play an essential role about the environment and community service in our activities. We fulfil this mission by engaging to: Understand environmental issues and share information with our partners and learners. Buy and use environmentally friendly products with the “3T” criterion: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Take environmental responsibility into the value of Tan Tao University.