What is the case of tuition fee exemption & reduction for students of Tan Tao University?


To expand the opportunity to conquer the dream of “domestic study away” for new students with difficult circumstances during the Covid 19 pandemic, the Board of Executive of Tan Tao University has introduced conditions for a tuition discount.

Students will be considered tuition reduction in the first academic year with a value from 25-100% if they have one of the following conditions:

  • Students’ relative, who are the children, brothers or sisters, or grandchildren, is working at Tan Tao Group.
  • Students’ relative, who is uncles and aunts, is working at Tan Tao Group
  • Students who have address registration in Long An province or graduated from high schools in Long An province.
  • Students’ parents are teachers across the country.
  • Students whose parents are working as medical staff at hospitals with TTU students from the School of Medicine are doing the medical rotation.
  • Students from low-income families (who have a poor household book or are certified by the government to belong to a household that does not have enough economic conditions for their children to go to university) achieve GOOD academic achievement and conduct in three years in grade 10, 11, 12 or above.
  • Successful students were entering TTU in July 2021.
  • 100% free of the 1st-semester tuition fee for students whose parents both died due to Covid 19 in 2021
  • 50% discount of the 1st-semester tuition fees for students whose father or mother died due to Covid 19 in 2021

TTU would like to accompany and support the dreams of students on the road ahead!