2015 Open Day at Tan Tao University

On May 09, 2015, TanTao University’s Open Day 2015 will be held together with admission counseling and career orientation activities. Students will also have the perfect opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from professors, teaching staff with many years teaching at universities in the United States and other developed countries about living and learning at Tan Tao University. It will help students to choose their career suitable to their individual aptitude.

The program will also introduce model classrooms and scientific research projects conducted by students and teaching staff at Tan Tao University:

– Presentation of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) methodby the School of Biotechnology. Under the guidance by Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan and fresh year students from the School of Biotechnology, participants will be guided to control cells by hand. (Time: 10AM – 2PM);

– Introduction of SeaWeed project – ocean wave electricity generation project funded by the US Government; 

TTU’s educational model is developed in accordance with advanced US education programs. Students will have the opportunity to experience and be familiar with overseas education in accordance with US standards at Tan Tao University.The admissions counseling program also include music performance and quiz games to help high school students in the region to learn and exchange knowledge and learning experiences.