A student of the School of Humanities & Languages interests in natural science research


Among the participants of the 8th Asian Science Camp 2014 (ASC 2014) in Singapore, Bui Nhu Hong Hanh impressed others with her excellent academic achievement and her physics project, which is not her main major in the university.
Bui Nhu Hong Hanh is now a student in Literature and Culture in the School of Humanities & Languages, Tan Tao University. Hanh is one among 7 Vietnamese representatives attending ASC 2014 in Singapore.

Being born a poor family, but Hanh is very studious. Pursuing high school education means Hanh’s great attempt and determination. When she was at the end of high school year, despite being busy to prepare for the final exam and the provincial contest, she still arranged her time to follow social activities and do house works. Although her family has financial difficulties, Hanh owns many awards and step by step turns her dream into the reality.

Hanh dreams to study in an international educational environment in a university in Ho Chi Minh City. However her financial difficulties prevent her from the such expensive universities. Finally, she decided to choose Tan Tao University, a private non-profit university applying the advanced U.S education model.


Studying Literature and Culture major, Hanh deeply researches in literature, region, human, history, religious of U.S, English, China… She said that in the global integration context, having knowledge in culture means more chances of success.

Not only good at literature, Hanh is passionate with maths. Finding the connection between math and literature is always urging her.

Attending the ASC is the chance of Hanh to realize her dream. Asian Science Camp is the Annual meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students initiated by Professor Yuan Tseh Lee (1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), and Professor Masatoshi Koshiba (2002 Nobel Laureate in Physics).

Under the recommendation of Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan Kiet and Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung – faculty of the School of Engineering, TTU, Hong Hanh chose to join in the physics group. Her presentation topic is about exoskeleton which helps to increase the muscle power and the accuracy in human activities. Thank to the application of exoskeleton, the paraplegia patient can walk, and to lift heavy objects by hand when assembling large machines