About a special teacher


“Arriving in America, we were lonely little fish in the middle of the ocean and, he was the one who gave out his support to guide us to overcome those difficulties ”- That was the sharing of a student from School of Economics and Business Administration after 01-month internship in Indiana, Pennsylvania, the United States.

So, who is the teacher with such a generous and kind heart?

The man with the boundless love for students is, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Henry Webb. Currently, he is teaching at the School of Economics and Business Administration of Tan Tao University (TTU) and is also a lecturer of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Henry Webb – Lecturer of School of Economics and Business Administration of Tan Tao University

Before teaching, he has been a pursuing law study and practicing for over 15 years. With such a specific and distinct job, Mr. Webb must have been a very serious, strict and a “man of steel” person to those around him, including the students. However, the son from Keystone State is a warm, kind-hearted, gentle and sometimes, wacky person.

After graduation, the first step that he chose was to stick with a lawyer job at a law firm in his home country. During that time, with his knowledge and talents, Mr. Webb has successfully defended countless cases; Most of them are related to the ability to use methods of negotiation, mediation and others. And this is also a foundation for him to bring into the class practical lessons in the 2019 Summer Course lasting 1 month at Tan Tao University.

It can be said that the stories or events extracted from his life are integrated flexibly, which is also entertaining for students to understand more about practical applications. Once, he even mentioned his incredible love story, driving under the rain to reach Long An and get lost in the middle of the road. And with the students here, there has never been a teacher “dare” to tell his love story to illustrate before a class at all. And Mr. Webb is the first one.

Study or play? Easy-going or Strict? He is both!

To prepare for the 2019 Summer Internship in the United States, students of the School of Economics have received countless instructions, emails before and after the flight. And when standing under the cold (8 degrees C) in the summer of the United States, he kindly said: “If you need anything, call me”. That was a moment an invisible flame was blown up, making them all strangely warm.

In the following time, they attended a summer academic writing course to make presentations to the Professors and Lecturers of Eberly of IUP. Indeed, the way Mr. Webb taught and imparted is far different from what students have been taught before: “Simple and Solid” – The simpler, the more influential and persuasive the message is. And he also said, “If you are good, you can live everywhere and do everything you like. But you have to think BIG, do BIG and you’ll win BIG”

Khóa học hè Summer Course 2019 do PGS.TS Henry Webb và TS Donald Tyler trực tiếp giảng dạy

In addition to the rigor study time, students were extremely fond of and remembered him through extra-curricular activities. These were the wacky moments of him, sweet lies about Groundhog’s hill, playing hide and seek in the parking lot or deliberately recording the ridiculous moments of students to make memes, play Fortnite … Perhaps, these are things that TTU students can never imagine when thinking of a teacher, because only close friends can do it!

The teacher always inspires students to constantly improve

Our wacky teacher also possesses a very high self-learning ability and can inspire for those around him to learn and solve problems deliberately. That is also what makes TTU students constantly admire and respect. Despite being in his forties, his awareness of cultivating information and knowledge to catch up with the trends of the times is always there. That is why, in his small blue house, there is always a room full of books, and Google News is always a companion whenever needed.

Everything about him, from teaching to life-related topics, all conveys profound and meaningful messages. Hopefully, in the future, Mr. Webb will continue to accompany future generations of students, giving them the knowledge to reach success.