Admission process and how the application processing system for university and college admission in 2022 works


Currently, universities and colleges are entering the virtual filtering phase in order to minimize the number of virtual candidates in processing requests on the system.

In terms of admissions principles, in 2022, training institutions will organize their own admissions according to their own methods and criteria or voluntarily cooperate in groups to organize admissions according to the methods and criteria for admission.

*** The basic admission criteria include:

– The school’s admission score is not lower than the entrance threshold announced by the Ministry.

– Regardless of the priority order of registration aspirations for a training discipline according to a mode and combination of subjects. In case a candidate passes multiple aspirations, the highest one will be recorded and the low one will be automatically removed.

– In case there are many candidates with the same score when applying for admission at the bottom of the list, the training institutions may use different sub-criteria, in which the priority order of candidates can be used.

– The use of regional priority points at training institutions must ensure synchronization, and consistency and follow the regulations on priority points prescribed by the Ministry.

*** Candidates will be able to see the expected list of successful candidates during the adjustment period.

The aspiration processing system will automatically remove from the list of low aspirations of candidates who are eligible for multiple aspirations, returning the list of candidates expected to be admitted according to the highest aspirations. Therefore, candidates need to consider the order in which they want to place their wishes. In the event that a candidate has multiple aspirations, the highest wish will be recorded and the following wishes will be eliminated.

In the final cycle, the admission score will be decided on the disciplines, and training programs (according to the enrollment methods) and uploaded to the system (official) list of eligible candidates.

On the basis of the final aspiration processing results, the list of successful candidates for the majors and training programs will be officially announced together with the announcement of the matriculation scores (and the conditions and sub-criteria if any) enter training programs and disciplines according to enrollment methods; organize for candidates to look up individual examination results on the website of the training institution (or of the group of training institutions that coordinate the selection).

In 2022, candidates have less than 1 month to register and change their aspirations. During the selection period, candidates need to closely monitor the list of candidates expected to be admitted that the training institutions upload to the Admission Portal to consider the match ratio. Candidates need to carefully consider the number of points they have achieved, combined with the school’s target to predict what their probability of passing is. Candidates also need to analyze the number of candidates applying for admission and refer to the benchmark scores of previous years to make the right choices.