I received some sports awards. Would I stand for any priority?

Those awards will add more weight to your application form. You should attach a copy of certifications in your application forms.

What kind of bachelor degree can an applicant be eligible for an interview with TTU?

From 2015, Moed has allowed applicants holding any university degree can be admited directly to TTU only if he/she passes the interview round. Applicant with a Master degree will receive priority when applying to TTU. This is a great opportunity for those who want to earn another more bachelor degree at TTU – a liberal arts based universtiy.

Can I apply to TTU if I have already received offer letter from other university?

You need to have a permission from Moed regarding this issue.

Does TTU have a round 2, round 3 admission?

In round 1, if TTU does not recruit enough its students, TTU will open round 2 and round 3.

Can I visit TTU before starting my application process?

Definitely yes. You can visit TTU during office hour: Mon – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM

When can an applicant register for an interview?

A student can register right after he/she submits application form.

Where is the interview conducted?

A student can choose to come to TTU for a face-to-face interview or conduct an online interview through Skype.

Is the interview conducted in English or Vietnamese?

Most of the time, the interview is conducted in Vietnamese, but TTU encourage and value those who choose to use English during interview. Especially, TTU Medical school requires its prospective students to write a short essay in English.

What is the purpose of interview? What questions will be asked?

Through an interview, TTU admission committee can learn more about its prospective student’s character, passion, and skills in order to decide whether this applicant is suitable enough to the rigorous curriculum and liberal arts culture of TTU.

What questions will be asked?

Frequently asked questions:

– What is your dream job?

– Why TTU?

– Your background?

– What is your hobby?

What should I bring to an interview?

Your ID card and an invitation letter.

How long is the interview?

Usually, each interview will take 30 minutes. TTU Medical School also requires its prospective students to take a 2-hour English test before interview.

When will the interview’s results release?

5 days at most, after the interview date.

What if a student satisfies all requirements but fail the interview round?

That student will have an opportunity to have an interview again. If he/she fails, TTU will deny that student.

What is matriculation time?

A student can matriculate for Spring Semester in January, or Fall Semester in September each year.

What is the English requirement for major entry?

A student has to pass TOEFL PPT 520 (equivalen TOEFL iBT 68) in order to be eligible for first year. Each student will have 1 year to study English.

Can a student choose to transfer to another school after matriculation?

Definitely yes, as long as there is one school accepting that student.

Is TTU an international university?

TTU is a Vietnamese university, following liberal arts model in the US and applying academic curriculum from RICE University. All lessons in TTU are conducted in 100% English.

Can a graduate from TTU apply for Master, PhD program in the US?

TTU applies the curriculum from the US, thus its students can easily apply for higher education, as well as for a job in the US. This depends on your academic results, finance, and efforts.

What is the percentage of TTU graduates find good jobs?

100% TTU graduates find well-paid jobs before they officially receive degrees from TTU. Their starting salary is from 400-1000USD, 5-10 times higher than graduates from other universities in Vietnam.

89% TTU graduates are now working in multinational corporations.