All medical students of TTU S of MED

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In this letter, I like to thank ALL STUDENTS for your effort when studying at our SOM. If you don’t succeed in the exams and
later to provide excellent care to patients, the name of TTU SOM will not be on the map. In the US, if the students do not do well in the step 1 National Board exams (at the end of second year) and step 2 and 3 exam (at the mid of 4th year), the dean will lose the job.

Should I thank ALL OF YOU more? It is nice to thank more however it is MORE important to write this letter to let know that your are on the list of recipients because as a learner (this is what we call students in the US), you are part of the problem to the equation how to provide GREAT medical education in Vietnam, Asia and the US.

However, as you make effort in studying and giving input on how to improve the schedule, the time, the teaching, the rotations, etc, YOU ARE NOW PART OF THE SOLUTION to the equation how to solve the problem of medical education in Vietnam. It is more fun than just to be the cause of a problem.

As academic dean, I try to improve every day what and how we do, teach and learn. We need to keep up with what we plan, promise and perform. I am open to all comments and suggestions

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