American Medical Internship returns, great expectations and opportunities for TTU students



In 2023, the American Medical internship officially returned, bringing with it extremely important expectations and opportunities for students to discover new experiences in a country with a leading medical system. world leader.

Open opportunities to study and experience in the US

In 2019, the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University achieved ECFMG certification, paving the way for students to take the USMLE exam and becoming one of the few universities in Vietnam that is eligible for students to take the USMLE exam. this. The USMLE exam is important in assessing the qualifications of the students of the Faculty of Medicine and giving them the opportunity to experience studying in the United States, the world’s leading healthcare industry.

Expanding Vision – Conquering World Medicine

Participating in the American Medical internship, students of the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University not only master professional knowledge, but also broaden their horizons and cultural experiences. They will be exposed to cutting-edge methods and technologies, experience different cultures and immerse themselves in a multinational medical community. This not only helps develop an international mindset, expand medical knowledge, but also explore the world and improve cross-cultural communication skills.

Efforts to accompany TTU students

Tan Tao University is committed to providing a learning environment and maximum support for medical students participating in American medical internships. Students will receive support with study plans, vacations and additional courses from experienced medical doctors and successful in passing the USMLE exam. All these efforts create the best conditions for students of the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University to prepare for and overcome one of the most difficult challenges in their medical careers.

American Medical Intern is Back

Facing challenges caused by Covid-19 for many years, the American Medical internship program has officially returned with many much-awaited progress. In 2023, students of the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University will be able to explore and learn from an advanced medical environment, participate in the latest medical research projects, and directly participate in patient care at a Chinese hospital. Country. Ky. This is your chance to put what you’ve learned into practice, hone your communication and listening skills, and build your confidence to become future medical professionals.

The American Medical Internship is a great opportunity for students of the Faculty of Medicine of Vietnam in general and of Medicine at Tan Tao University in particular to make great strides in building a future medical career and contribute to the future of the medical profession. development of Vietnam’s health sector.

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