On June 15, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meden F. Isaac-Lam visited two companies in Tan Duc Industrial Park including Kaisuimaren Vietnam Co., Ltd and ECONUTI Food Joint Stock Company.

The Kaisuimaren Vietnam Co., Ltd – A company specializing in manufacturing and processing products such as: rubbish bin, aquaculture tanks, containers for seafood, etc with high-quality plastic materials is composite plastic and polyester resin:

– We heard the sharing about the desire to devote and want to bring the safest and most durable products for the protecting environment purpose.

– We visited and were introduced to the detailed process from the preparation of raw materials to the final product.

The ECONUTI Food Joint Stock Company – one of the leading experts in the field of beverage production in Vietnam with the philosophy of quality, high performance, and safe products for the community:

– We were informed about the business story from the establishment of the company to until now.

– We visited and learned about the process of making fruits beverage products following the ISO 22000: 2018 and FSSC standards for export to European countries.

It was a really interesting day, thank you to these Companies and Tan Duc Office for giving us the good chance to visit and absorb this useful knowledge.