Nurturing dreams with “Journey of Orienting Future”


On Sundays, November 11th and 18th, 2018, member of School Board and teachers of Tan Tao University (TTU) warmly welcomed the visit of Diep Minh Chau High School from Ben Tre Province. Approximately 400 students and teachers including the Assistant Principal and teachers of Diep Minh Chau High School had paid a visit to Tan Tao University.




A warm welcome from Students of Tan Tao University

At Tan Tao University, students were shared about Liberal Arts Education which is an American, non-profit model based on American standards of Rice University. This model not only helps them learn liberal arts but also the knowledge about natural and social science. In addition to their professional knowledge, they also have the skills and abilities to be a self-educated learners and thereby, increase job opportunities after graduation and help them to be a global citizen.


In the beginning, there were performances from students of Tan Tao University.

Representatives of Tan Tao University attended “Journey of Orienting Future”.

Dr. Tran Duong – The Vice Provost of Tan Tao University shared stories of many successful entrepreneurs and founders to inspire and rekindle passion of students of Diep Minh Chau High School. From the story of the famous billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong to the entrepreneur who made his fortune from trash, David Duong, Dr. Tran Duong reminded young people today: “Learning is not to achieve success but to understand how to define yourself and then success will come to those who have passion and desire. In this life, there is no “hot” job or career but only “hot” people who specialize in certain fields.

Dr. Tran Duong – Vice Provost of Tan Tao University, Dean of School of Business and Economics Administration shared information about the school and education program at TTU.


Dr. Tran Duong on behalf of Tan Tao University gave flowers to representative of Diep Minh Chau High School.


Moreover, the students of Diep Minh Chau High School had the chance to talk and study with teachers who are Dean and Vice – Dean of Tan Tao University about future career trending in our society such as Industrial Revolution 4.0, the social need to acquire English skills and some interesting questions about history from Mr. Isaac – Faculty of School of Humanities and Languages, Tan Tao University. Then, engaging talks from representatives School of Business, Biotechnology and Medicine had partly answered student’s questions about the issues of choosing a career.


M.A Peter Huynh and M.A Isaac Smith – Faculty of School of Humanities and Languages were sharing the social trends of career in choosing to study English.



Dr. Cao Tien Dung – Vice Dean of School of Engineering was sharing information about The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Engineering Major.


Dr. Nguyen Dinh Truong – Dean of School of Biotechnology shared about benefits and job opportunities when choosing Biotechnology.




Dr. Doan Van Huyen was having a funny presentation to students of Diep Minh Chau High School.




The students of Diep Minh Chau High School had wonderful moments at Tan Tao University.

Besides the talks, performances from students of Tan Tao University had left an impression on students of Diep Minh Chau High School. They all had a great time visiting the school, caring and support from Faculties and Staff and the dancing and catchy melodies from Music Club FTB of Tan Tao University. At Tan Tao University, students are not only encouraged to learn but also to maximize the ability and talent of each individual.

Faculties and staffs at TTU were consulting for Diep Minh Chau High schoolers.


The students of Diep Minh Chau were visiting the TTU Library.


Visiting the Traditional Room with the Set of Bat Trang Pottery made by the famous artisan Tran Do.




After classes, students visited the Ita Rice Company, Anatomage Room and Laboratory of School of Biotechnology at Tan Tao General Hospital.


And together enjoyed the show at Canary Club


Exciting dance performance of Tan Tao Music Club – Feel The Beat (F.T.B)



During the visit, students didn’t forget to record beautiful moments at Tan Tao University.

We hope that through “Journey of Orienting Future”, students will have some initial orientations in choosing their future career. Since then, we wish you succeed in the upcoming time to quickly adapt and be the global citizen.




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