Circular production from melon VietGap TTU won 3rd prize in the 2023 Long An Province Innovation Startup Contest


Within the framework of the 2023 Techfest Long An Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival, the Department of Science and Technology of Long An province organized and awarded the contest “Innovative Startup – Creating the Future” Long An 2023, in which the project “Journey to build a circular production brand from VietGap TTU melon” of Tan Tao University won 3rd prize.

The competition aims to encourage and build the spirit of innovative entrepreneurship for young people, pupils, students, lecturers, scientists, investors, businesses and people in the province, creating a spread of spirit. Start a business in the community.

At the same time, the contest also wants to select, honor, and incubate potential ideas and projects, contributing to the realization of startup ideas and projects; Focus on the field of science and technology.

After the competition rounds, the Organizing Committee selected 10 innovative startup projects to award Certificates when entering the final round. Among the 10 projects, the Organizing Committee of the competition “Innovative startups – Creating the future” Long An 2023 has selected excellent projects that meet the criteria of the competition among the entered projects. final round to award prizes.

Among them, the project “Journey to build a circular production brand from VietGap TTU melon” by Pham Thi Cam won 3rd prize and the project Technology solution for producing Cordycepin and Aldenosine from cultivating medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps Militaris on SGB ​​supplementary substrate according to Closed-loop and Automation Technology – Nguyen Phuoc Dat was awarded the project certificate for finalist round.

“Journey to build a circular production brand from VietGap TTU melon” by Pham Thi Cam won 3rd prize

Ms. Pham Thi Cam said: “The trend of healthy living is becoming a big trend in the world. In Vietnam, “healthy living” is the topic that attracts the most discussion on social networks in the first half of 2023. And we are startups, catching up with users’ psychological tastes, plus the foundation of melon. VietGAP standard mesh, high technology has been grown for many years at Tan Tao University, we continue to implement the project Journey to build a circular production brand from VietGAP TTU Melon”.

Products are made from VietGAP TTU melon

Wine is produced from VietGap TTU melons

Drink a glass of rich Western melon wine (lightly astringent wine) combined with a bite of melon snack to satisfy the saying “good wine must have good friends”Melonmilk melon Syrup is a nutritious drink for the new day to add energy

Snack made from dried melon slices

The technological melon growing model from the Startup Center of Tan Tao University in Long An Province brings high economic efficiency. Therefore, the school regularly organizes local students to visit this model, share and learn from experiences to replicate the startup model in the school community and the entire locality.” . Since then, “Journey to build a brand produced from VietGAP TTU melon” has become a leading manufacturer in the field, providing high quality, safe and sustainable products to the market.