Diary Beijing, China 2018


At the end of this year, we are a group of ten lucky students participated and presented at a famous cardiology congress in Beijing, China. This is truly an opportunity and an experience with us that can be said to be completely extraordinary and exciting to us that we could individually can use up knowledge we have ever learned and challenge ourselves in a new role. It is also a big chance for us to set foot in the new country, explore and learn the essence and culture of China.

After this trip, life goes on but somewhere in our heart, the memories and beautiful sight that nature and human created, the road from strange to familiar with us has marked our moving, are still lively and ecstatic.

A photograph at Beijing Airport

The temperature outside in the morning was 15 degrees. Because of the climate here, everyone prepared warm clothes. Regardless, we really enjoyed the cool climate of Beijing. China was a country with 4 distinct seasons, and we arrived in Autumn- the most ideal time to travel Beijing

The first hotel we stayed in was architectural designed following the traditional Chinese style with small space, cosy and attractive types of colors blended perfectly

GW-ICC was one of the largest congresses in the Asia-Pacific region and the most comprehensive and influential academic conferences in cardiology with over 20 international academic institutions proffering a wide range of topic from translational research for cardiovascular disease, prevention and risk control, coronary intervention, pacing and cardiac electrophysiology, structural heart disease, heart failure and left ventricular function, imaging and diagnostics, to clinical research as well as interregional collaborations in crossover studies of related disciplines

We had the opportunity to meet and talk with doctors and cardiologists from others countries

Dr. Arthur Lee, cardiologist from Cupertino, California
Truong Hoang Bao Kim
Tran Huynh Thu Dung
Cat Hoang Anh
Duong Danh Nguyen Hien
Dao Thanh Uyen Nhu
Nguyen Tri Si
Le Dieu Anh
Bi Duy Tan
Nguyen Bao Tran Chau

A meeting with Prof. Thach Nguyen who gave us the chance to participate in GW-ICC this year

Having lunch with Prof. Thach Nguyen

We had a chance to see the image of a friendly teacher with great sense of humors and always do the best for his students

The AMP commercial center on Wangfujing Street – the shopping paradise in Beijing with lots of high-end luxury brands

After two days in Beijing Heyuan International Youth Hostel, we moved to a new hotel near tourist attractions. Our impression of the scenery and the receptionists here were still beautiful until we left

Tiananmen’s Square glows in the light

A straight-line walking street beside Tiananmen Square
There are occasional trains along the street, which is a cultural feature kept until now

Talking together while waiting for foods
The servant introduced us that in the past, Emperor Qianlong had visited this restaurant

A funny moment at subway station

The parking lot to the Great Wall was located on a high ridge and everyone strolled up to cable car area

We had a great time watching the scenes from high view without any obstacle

A part of The Great Wall – Mutianyu, one of the main tourist attractions in Beijing

In the construction, thousands of people died for the sake of burial and buried alive during construction. The greatest contributions were the three dynasties of Qin, Han and Ming and through many dynasties, The Great Wall was completed and the dead people were turned into souls of The Great Wall

Our memorable moments and exciting experiences while standing on one of the wonders of the world
Deep moments of us when visiting Kunming Lake – Summer Palace

Kunming Lake is located at the foot of The Yellow Crane Tower

It was raining outside with dense fog so from our location, look up to The Yellow Crane Tower is rather difficult

There is a small island in the middle of Kunming Lake connected to the landscape by a bridge made of marble, the bridge seems to be preserved intact. So far, Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful parks in the world

Having dinner at a hot pot restaurant

We ordered a Sichuan hot pot but not too spicy for everyone to enjoy. Since a great number of the Chinese people followed Islam- meaning pork was prohibited, beef and goat meat were two popular types of meat in China

Despite of heavy rain outdoor, inside a restaurant was warm moments and endless happiness of us

Enjoying roast ducks at one of Beijing’s most famous restaurant

This wass our first time enjoying Peking Duck in Beijing

Excursion to the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was much wider than our imagination. It was located in the center of Beijing. In the past, the Forbidden City was palace of the dynasties from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty

C We had interesting historical knowledge about the construction process as well as the development of the dynasties in the Forbidden City

Jingshan Park

This was the most beautiful place and worth going of the Forbidden City

Wonderful and colorful scenes from high view

It was such a perfect place to appreciate the full view of the city. From this pavilion, visitors would be able to see the resplendent and magnificent Forbidden City in the south

Why don’t we take a photo from this amazing view ?

The journey to the new land of our group ended with great successes at the congress, marking a memorable milestone for each of us on our ways to pursue our dreams.

We are always ready for more journeys, opportunities, challenges and new experiences in the future, on the path of education and on the path of life.

After this trip, we would like to thank to Prof. Thach Nguyen. We are extremely grateful for the most valuable things you gave us, which is trust and challenges. It is a big motivation for us to earn more effort and improve ourselves on the long road ahead.