Diary of the US Clerkship


The Final 2 Weeks: Trip to the Indiana University school of Medicine, main campus- Final day of research presentation and sightseeing/shopping before returning to Vietnam

On July 9, TTU students and other students doing clerkship took a trip to visit the main campus of the Indiana University school of medicine, in Indianapolis
Nguyen Thanh Luan at the library of the Indiana U School of Medicine

On the final day of the summer clerkship Friday July 13, Janice Ryba, CEO of St Mary Medical Center came to give a certificate of appreciation to Nguyen Phuoc Loc and Nguyen Thanh Luan who helped to alert one family in Valparaiso during a fire. On that morning June 14th, Paul took Luan and Loc to the hospital as usual (20 miles away). On the way, Luan was surprised to see black smoke coming from an area behind the trees. Paul turned the car around and found the garage of a house on fire. So Paul and Luan went to the house and alerted the people inside of the fire. Luckily, with this alarm, two children, 3 dogs and one guinea pig could get out and be saved.


Dr Vijay Dave, director of medical education at St Mary Medical Center, Nguyen Phuoc Loc and Nguyen Thanh Luan and Janice Ryba, CEO of St Mary medical Center
Vu and Tran N M Chau and Nguyen Hua Hoang Quan are presenting their research
Pham LH Hoang was presenting his research while Thai BA Minh was waiting in the background
Nguyen Thanh Luan was presenting his research with Nguyen P Loc
Tran Ngoc Minh Chau was presenting with Nguyen M T Nhan and Nguyen HH Quan at the background
The whole class of summer clerkship 2018 in a souvenir picture
Tran N M Chau went shopping for gifts before her return to Vietnam
Pham Le Huy Hoang, Nguyen Thanh Luan and Nguyen M T Nhan at the top of Willis Tower in Chicago.
Nguyen Thanh Luan at the Shedd aquarium in Chicago
Nguyen Thanh Luan and Nguyen Phuoc Loc at a candy store. Paul was in the background. A lot of memories