Directions for Medical Graduates of Tan Tao University


In order to provide quality patient care, new physicians must meet a number of clinical knowledge, competence, and ethics standards. Tan Tao University medical students graduate with adequate competence and foreign languages to become effective doctors thanks to a bilingual training programme that focuses on study and practise.

TTU Medical graduates attend top residency programmes

Tan Tao University’s Faculty of Medicine has had four graduating courses after ten years of medical training. Medical students that graduate are completely prepared and have an IELTS score of 6.0 or better.

The orientation training for residents is one of the unique features of the Faculty of Medicine. TTU Faculty of Medicine has also incorporated the USMLE into the curriculum to ensure that students have a solid foundation. With that investment, TTU Faculty of Medicine graduates have achieved extraordinary success in matriculation and scholarships to major university resident doctor programmes.

Doctor Tran Trong Nhan (Key Medicine 2), for example, completed Step 3 of the USMLE exam in the US (in 2022), formally beginning the process to become a US Resident Doctor.

TTU young doctors preparing for a new adventure following graduation.

In addition, so far, there are 8 doctors who graduated from TTU Medical Faculty of 4 graduate courses who have been accepted and received scholarships of the Resident Doctor programme of VinUni University such as Doctor Tran Vo Thuy Nhi, Doctor Nguyen Van Lanh, Doctor Nguyen Van Viet Thang, Doctor Nguyen Thi The Trinh, Doctor Bui Pham Thai Hoa, Doctor Nguyen Phuoc Loc, Doctor Nguyen Hua Hoang Quan, Doctor Duong Danh Nguyen Hien. In addition, a number of TTU graduates are enrolled in Resident Doctor programmes at the City University of Medicine and Pharmacy, including Doctor Le Nguyen Hieu Hanh of Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University.

Following graduation, a group of students became doctors in major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.

After graduation, the majority of TTU’s physicians continue to study and obtain practising certifications at Thong Nhat Hospital, Binh Dan Hospital, Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, Hung Vuong Hospital, and others, and have also become doctors treatment after 18 months of practise.

A typical alumnus in scientific research 

Doctor Vu Tri Loc (Class of 2014-2020) is a typical example of a graduating doctor. Dr.Vu Tri Loc is one of TTU’s top students who devotes a significant amount of time to studying and researching. The findings of those studies have resulted in numerous honours and research articles both at home and abroad, including:

  • Winner of the 2022 ESC Young Researcher Award in Basic Science for Research Excellence in Cell and Gene Therapy.
  • Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award 2022, Chicago, IL, USA with a research group of students from Tan Tao University
  • Research topic: Identification of the Low Wall Shear Stress Area in the Middle and Distal Coronary Artery: a Dynamic Angiography and Deep Learning Analysis was selected by the European Heart Association’s Council for Basic Science in Cardiology to award the Travel Grant in the association. ESC Congress 2023 in the Netherlands.
  • Dr. Vu Tri Loc also gives presentations at cardiovascular conferences in Europe and the United States every year.
Professor Thach Nguyen and Doctor Vu Tri Loc accepted the prize and posed for a photo with the Paul Dudley White International Scholar 2022 winning team in Chicago, IL, USA.

Building a quality and reputable training program

Tan Tao University specifies a vision to thoroughly establish a prestigious, promising, and internationally integrated university of Health Sciences, with a concentration on scientific research and the application of technology to disciplines. In which the health sector, encompassing Medicine, Nursing, and Medical Laboratory Technology, is seen as the leader.

Tan Tao University’s training goal is to equip students to become fully certified medical professionals who are well-prepared for a medical career. To attain this purpose, the school uses the Institute – School approach to provide deep expertise and practise. Students are also encouraged to participate in courses, seminars, and research projects in order to catch the most recent trends and apply them to medical practise.

The TTU Medical Training Programme is enhanced and based on a portion of the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA, while keeping adhering to the Ministry of Education and Training’s basic foundation. Curriculum in English and Vietnamese. As a result, students have the capacity to access international medical literature in a foreign language.