End of research and working trip of Professor. Clay Williams at Tan Tao University


The Seminar “The Human Mind and Language: How do we understand speech?” was organized by the School of Languages ​​with a presentation by Professor. Clay Williams – lecturer in the postgraduate English Teaching Practice program at the Institute of Global Communication and Language at Akita International University was the professor’s farewell to the students after nearly a month of research and work. At TTU, the sharing session brings students more interest in their favorite language to find good methods and strategies to apply to their learning.

Professor Williams presented on the complexity of language and how human minds interact with each other. This lecture has revealed more interesting information about the process of understanding and creating language. During the lecture, the professor emphasized that language is not only a tool to convey information but also an important aspect of human thinking.

Therefore, in the context of globalization and development, English has become an international language and is widely used in many countries around the world. This opens up vast opportunities for global communication and learning. Learning English is not just about learning a new language but also about going further to connect and understand the world around us.

Tan Tao University students confidently ask questions in the Seminar “The Human Mind and Language: How do we understand speech?”

In a conversation with Professor. Clay Williams, Professor shared his first impressions of the learning environment at Tan Tao University. He found that students at TTU regularly practice English, which has helped them become fluent in English. Be sensitive and adapt quickly to the learning environment with foreign teachers.

This has created a connection between professors and students of Tan Tao University, creating a premise for students to have the opportunity to learn and boldly interact with one of the experts in the field of linguistics. Linguistics in particular and professors from other countries participating in educational work at Tan Tao University’s academic environment in general.

Looking back on the past month at Tan Tao University, Professor Clay Williams participated in many important activities. Regarding teaching, Professor Williams conducts seminars to share knowledge and experience in the field of linguistics. Professor succeeds in connecting and exchanging cultures with TTU students and the academic community at the school to clarify the complexity of language and its applications in the learning, working and daily life environments. in Southeast Asian countries – where the Professor focuses on research.

Professor Clay Williams brought Tan Tao University a month full of knowledge and learning opportunities. The presence and contributions of professors have enriched the learning and working environment at the school, while also discovering more interesting aspects of language and how to apply skills through speech in life.