Enlighten U – “Be Cool in the Pool”: TTUers get into a vibrant pool party.


Enlighten U welcomes new students. On the evening of September 14, 2023, in the vibrant atmosphere of the “Be Cool in the Pool” pool party, the TTUers students “swept” themselves with intense music activities, team building games and water fun.

The “Be Cool in the Pool” pool party is an opportunity for 1st year students at Innovation University to connect and meet the entire student community, build teacher-teacher relationships, friends, build solidarity and experience fun, exciting moments together.

Merging into the bustling space of the pool, you will have special moments that make a memorable party as the first year students are excited and atmospheric as they decorate the area around the pool together.

This event not only creates a space to enjoy the cool inland water at the Tianjin swimming pool, but also connects generations of students. Through this, new students of TTU will have the opportunity to meet and learn from their predecessors, as the entire university will welcome talented new faces.

At 18 o’clock, the attendees stood around the lake and waited for a count down from the school’s representatives, all of them massively jumped into the lake, officially opening the pool party.

When the pool party took place, there was heavy rain, and the show was interrupted for a few minutes. Despite this, all of you students were prepared to have fun and play, so some of the male students didn’t hesitate to jump into the lake as “white mice”, citing the others.

The photographs that recorded this moment showed the excitement and happiness on the students’ faces. At “Be Cool in the Pool,” you can see first-year students connecting with other friends, dropping themselves into the water tank, and recording memorable memories.

“Dancer” comes from TTS with a modern Wannabe dance performance that warms up the atmosphere and attracts students to dance together in harmony with the music.

In addition to this event, there’s also the exchange and awards of the Long An’s Got Talent 2023 photo contest. Dr. Tsang Van Quang – Associate Dean, Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Xinjiang represented the awarding of diplomas and awards to the first award-winning friend of Lê Quang Mến and the Italian friend of Mai Thị Như Ý who won the encouragement to join the German University of Technology.

On the small stage, there are professional singers and dancers from TTU showing their talents in a unique party for all TTS students and students. Mr. Le Guang Mung presented the song “Do not hold away don’t look” very attractive.

Võ Thị Kim Ngân, a student of the 1st year of the Faculty of Economics, shared: “Today’s program really gives me relaxation, teaching me to do my best. I’m proud of my university for hosting such an exciting event. The pool party program really makes our students more united. Hopefully TTU will host more exciting programs in the future.”

The rain slowly returned the cool atmosphere to the party, which lasted until about 7:30 p.m. Students take selfies to record moments, memorable moments of their age.

TTU will host many more exciting and lively shows, where you can show off your own style, engage in recreational activities and relax after stressful school hours. Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know, communicate and write down memorable memories of your studies at the University of Innovation.