ENLIGHTEN U – TTU football exchange activities

Continuing the series of events to welcome new 2K5 students “Enlighten U”, on the afternoon of September 16, 2023, the annual football tournament “TTU Connection Sports” is held to increase the connection between students of all courses and students. Dear teachers.

Over the years, the Sports Festival has always received the attention and guidance of alumni returning to school to support the next generation, bringing a spirit of solidarity and affection for Tan Tao University. The teachers and alumni not only play the role of players actively participating in the competition but are also the previous generation, sharing experiences and strongly encouraging current students.

Thereby, the school organises sports activities as a healthy playground, not only improving team spirit and strengthening solidarity but also exercising health and exchanging and learning from each other.

The match between the joint team of the Faculty of Information Technology – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Languages and the TTU Alumni team

The match was dramatic as both teams had shots towards the opponent’s goal.

The match between the medical student team and the TTU lecturer team

The players burned their hearts out on the field, and their fighting spirit was relentless until the last seconds of the match.

The matches were extremely exciting and dramatic, with beautiful plays from the players of each team. Under the cheers of the audience, the teams had an afternoon of playing their best.

The football match took place in an extremely attractive and dramatic way.

Besides, the match for tickets to the final round between the remaining representatives was an extremely convincing victory, with the score favouring the medical student team.

The final match was thrilling, with goals from both teams.

The teams gave the audience a very satisfying and dramatic performance, like watching a professional match. Victory for every team is deserved. Congratulations to the TTU alumni team for bringing home a medal in the match “Enlighten U-TTU Connection Sports”.

The alumni football team won first prize in the match
The medical team won second prize
The third prize went to the joint football team of the Faculty of Information Technology – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and Faculty of Languages
Although the football team of TTU Lecturers and Staff did not win the prize, the teachers are still happy to contribute to making the sports season more exciting and attractive

The performance of TTU “players” was truly satisfying and fierce, giving their all on every ball. Now, you have become champions in the hearts of our fans. The organising committee of Tan Tao University would like to sincerely thank the contributions of teachers, alumni, and all TTU students. See you again at the football tournament as soon as possible.