Exchange meeting with Japanese company Pirika at Tan Tao University


On December 11, 2023, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dien (representative of Department of Scientific Management and International Cooperation) welcomed and had an exchange session with representatives of JICA and Pirika Japan company.

Pirika is a startup company founded in 2011 at the research facility of Kyoto University, Japan, formed with the desire to solve the biggest challenge created by humans, which is environmental protection

Pirika wants to introduce a waste distribution investigation service called Takanome – using AI, smartphones and cars to create a measurement standard for waste overflow problems.

Through the sharing session of the representative from Pirita, it was shown that Takanome is not only a measurement tool but also a means to increase awareness in the community about waste issues. The use of smartphones helps connect directly with the community, promoting participation and sharing information about the state of the environment.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dien (middle) – Head of Scientific Research Department of Tan Tao University welcomed representatives of JICA and Pirika Japan company.

Pirika sets out a socially and environmentally responsible business model. The meeting and discussion with Pirika helps Tan Tao University aim for sustainable development and educate students about the importance of environmental protection in the business field, bringing practical values ​​to society.