Exciting things at Tan Tao University’s Faculty of Humanities & Languages


Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities & Languages of Tan Tao University (TTU). We are pleased to introduce to you the exciting things here. So, let’s find out with us about these things!

At our faculty, you will have a new experience of modern teaching and learning conditions with TTU’s friendly and dedicated faculty ready to assist you in realizing your dreams.

Our courses include the study of English language, literature, and culture with an emphasis on professional skill orientation to help you with your potential employment opportunities. Those who manage to master English are usually qualified for careers that require effective communication and inter-cultural relationships such as teachers of English, writers, interpreters, editors, journalists, sales representatives, and critics – to name but a few.

Students in the English major will be equipped with the knowledge and skill of English, including effective communication competence for future professional orientation, understanding literary and cultural values, and acquisition of a second foreign language (Japanese, Korean, French) for the purposes of socializing and working in a globalized and multicultural environment.

After visiting the Faculty of Humanities & Languages ​​of Tan Tao University, what are you waiting for? We invite you to integrate into the Faculty of Humanities & Languages ​​academic environment to assert yourself.

Admission information for Faculty of Humanities & Languages ​​of Tan Tao University, please visit the website: http://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/.