Face and defeat our ego


I had chance to meet My Ngoc when I was finding information about Grace Camp, which is held by Vietnamese students studying in American and the group of excellent students in Viet Nam. In the Grace Camp 2014 , My Ngoc and her group successfully win the first prize; She, the friendly second-year student of Tan Tao University, is also one of the organizers of the Grace Camp, which use English as the main language. Getting to know more about her, that she had not been an excellent student in her high school year makes me surprised.

For her high school year in Quang Ngai province, she had basically learned English grammar, because of her interest in English and literature, she decided to enroll in the Literature and Culture major, School of Humanities and Languages, Tan Tao University. She is fully aware of the importance of English with her future professional career.


My Ngoc in TTU admin building

She honestly shared with me her story when she first met the faculty of TTU in the admission day: “It was the first time I know about Tan Tao University. I was introduced about its training program, which is mainly in English language. Thank to the enthusiasm of the faculty, I used a lot of time to find more information on the TTU official website and from TTU’s students, who I know. I wanted to seize the chance to study in the advanced education environment, in which all of the class rooms are equipped with modern facilities. Moreover the number of student is small enough for the best teacher-student interaction; TTU,for me, is an ideally stable and safe destination in comparison with other universities, which are located in the expensively urban areas, where my studying English in the language center is another financial burden of my family. Therefore, I persuaded my parents to accept my enrollment in TTU. I have always promised myself and my parents a full scholarship.”

For the first year, I had met some difficulties with living far from my family, and it was the first time I had experienced listening and speaking in English actually. Luckily, in TTU I have benefited a good studying environment, which has gradually reduced my hardship. The campus is very quiet and peaceful, so I easily concentrate on studying.

In my own experience, to achieve a TTU full scholarship, each student must autonomously self-taught, interact with classmates and teacher over time. What’s more, the mastery of English skills will help to successfully complete other majors. Getting involved in extra-curricular and social activities that help to develop soft-skills, social relation and experience.

The new TTU scholarship policy is very strict, only students, who have excellent academic achievements and great dedication to TTU, are granted scholarship. I am now the third-year student, I must to learn harder to have my study be completed as expected. In addition, I will save time to participate in student activities. I am planning two projects for children, one is free-book, and one is free-teaching English in summer in the countryside. I realize that I must do something to abridge the gap between children in the urban and the rural area. Reading book will help rural children to gain more knowledge, and they can avoid danger when playing around. In practice, that children in the countryside is very bad at English is their disadvantage in the future studying. Therefore, I want to motive their passion in learning English, that is good for their future development. I have been trying to accomplish my plan before my graduation.”


My Ngoc in the Grace Camp (under row, fourth, left to right)

Not only being listed among the most excellent students of TTU, My Ngoc is also active in many student-exchange and charity activities as well, for example: collaborator in Hoa Trang Nguyen Award Ceremony, TTU Opening Day, member of TTU Media Club, volunteer in EFC project, free teaching English project for children in Duc Hoa, Tam Duc orphanage, assistant in the photo exhibition about nature in the view of children of AWO (Action for Wildlife Organization), soft-skill workshop of The Embassy of The United States in Viet Nam, Eureka Camp of Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union, organizer in Grace Camp 2015…

Grace Camp provides the youth with training course in the skills of conducting and managing their own project to contribute for the social development. Grace Camp attract students from many universities and high school in Viet Nam, such as Le Hong Phong High School for gifted, Tran Dai Nghia High School for gifted, RMIT University, International University (Viet Nam National University HCMC), Banking University Ho Chi Minh City, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese-German University…

My Ngoc has participated in Grace Camp since she was the first year student of Tan Tao University. Perhaps the useful skills in presentation, project management, team work, fund raising, which My Ngoc learned in Grace Camp, had helped the “S.A.F.E- Safety Awareness For Education” project of My Ngoc and her team defeat other projects and win the first prize in 2014.

In 2015, My Ngoc has become a member of the organizing board of Grace Camp, which has been developed into one of the biggest English Summer Camp in training and developing social projects of the youth.

My Ngoc shares her experience in Grace Camp: “I have had many new and useful experiences, and positive view about my meaningful work. These beneficial lessons have helped me to face with social encounters. Other campers show me that: despite of our different departure positions, we have the equal right to learn, to develop and to follow our passion. We are already mature enough to be responsible for ourselves and what we are doing.”

Yes, we have right to learn, to develop and to follow our passion, we can decide our way of life. Wishing My Ngoc successful in the role of Grace Camp organizer and meet her goal in the next year!