First human anatomy lab at the School of Medicine


Tan Tao University’s School of Medicine offered the first anatomy lab course to help students to have a fundamental understanding of the human organism. . Students at the School of Medicine were very excited to see inside a human body and see firsthand what they just learn through books.


Students at the School of Medicine of TTU learn the first anatomy course on a real human body

At the School of Medicine, auditorium and laboratories including mortuary for Anatomy practice are equipped.

Clinical practice is well prepared by mutual agreement with the regional hospitals. At the same time, in Tan Duc Ecity, Tan Tao Hospital with eight stories will be equipped to become a place for students’ internship with key specialties such as Infertility, Hepatobiliary, Neurosurgery, etc. Also, in near future, Tan Tao University has 50 hectares of land to build a University of Health Sciences consists Medical Center with U.S. standards which is now designed by U.S reputable architects.

In school year 2013-2014, the School of Medicine has chosen and granted scholarships for 50 students of general medicine major (6 years) including tuition and boarding. In addition to achieving high marks in the entrance examination, all students must pass an interview (priority is applied for candidates who apply first).