For the first time, Tan Tao University’s School of Medicine has had a doctor accepted into a residency program in the United States


Congratulations to Dr. Tran Trong Nhan – the first medical student from Tan Tao University (TTU) who has successfully matched the Pediatrics Residency program at the University of South Alabama Hospital. This achievement is not only a source of pride for himself but also a great inspiration for other medical students at Tan Tao University.

Doctor Tran Trong Nhan – Tan Tao University was announced as accepted on the USA Pediatric Residency post (bottom right corner).

Having surpassed all 3 steps of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), a significant challenge for most medical students, Doctor Trong Nhan has embarked on a new chapter in his career, becoming a source of inspiration for the next generation of medical students. As this examination is considered rigorous, each student is only allowed to take the Residency exam once, and the residency slots in each specialty are typically very limited.

Doctor Tran Trong Nhan, a member of the second cohort of medical students at Tan Tao University, has tirelessly strived from the early days in the lecture halls to his graduation in 2020. Doctor Nhan’s journey not only culminated in the successful completion of the training program in Vietnam but also continued with the conquest of the USMLE, opening doors to participation in the Residency program in the United States.

Doctor Tran Trong Nhan at the Graduation Ceremony in 2020.

This success is not only a testament to Doctor Nhan’s perseverance and talent but also the result of the high-quality education foundation provided by Tan Tao University. With the educational philosophy of “American Medicine – Hai Thuong Medical Ethics,” the university emphasizes not only specialized knowledge but also the cultivation of professional ethics, laying a solid foundation for students in their personal development journey.

The exemplary achievement of Doctor Tran Trong Nhan is not only a source of pride for himself but also an inspiration for future generations of medical students in Vietnam in general and Tan Tao University in particular. Doctor Nhan will serve as a role model for medical students, encouraging them to continue striving for their dreams of becoming “white-coat angels.” Tan Tao University is proud to congratulate Doctor Nhan on his outstanding achievement and hopes that he will continue to achieve further success in the field of Pediatrics, contributing to the development of the medical sector and bringing health and happiness to the community.