PREPARATION Procedure and Competition Protocol

Preparation of subjects

At the beginning, each participant will select one subject below. She or he will try to understand the medical problem with the help of the teacher in high school or through Google or from the advisors suggested by TTU. These medical subjects are common knowledge and not too difficult for a student to understand and master within one week.


The student needs to present these subjects in easy terms because not every in the jury is medical doctor. If the student makes a good presentation, she or he will get 3 points. 1 point extra if the presentation is in English. The presentation should last about 7 minutes for the current problems and the student should save 8 minutes for new translational ideas and innovative or provocative new ideas.

Importance of presentation

For good knowledge of the subjects, it is only 1/3 of the total scores. The 2 other main parts of the presentation is new ideas on how to apply these infos on medical and non medical fields and new ideas how to apply these new methodology or search for new infos or methodology for the solutions of many medical, scientific, business, or social problems on earth.

After the competition

All of the presented slides will be uploaded on the TTU website