Hoa Trang Nguyen award ceremomy 2014


Hoa Trang Nguyen award ceremomy 2014

The annual Hoa Trang Nguyen scholarship was given to 155 students in the Southern region (from Da Nang City towards the South) on October 19 at Tan Tao University. On the same day, the openning ceremony of TTU and TTU talented high school is also celebrated.

Hoa Trang Nguyen award ceremony is held in the North on October 26 in Ha Noi, 187 students are granted the sholarship which is aimed to encourage students to strive for higher achievements in their studies.The selected students included winners of International Olympiads, excellent students of national contests, those who topped entrance exams to universities and colleges.


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 Exellent students be awarded  Student of TTU talented high school
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 Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan –

Dean of School of Biotechnology

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 Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung – Vice Dean of

School of Engineering

Bui Hong Hanh – TTU student – shares her experience of

attending the 8th Asian Science Camp 2014 (ASC 2014)

in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore from

24th to 29th , August, 2014

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 Pham To Trinh with the project “English for change”  The signing ceremony of TTU ambassador program
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 Mr. Dang Van Xuong – Chairman of Long An People


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