Hoa Trang Nguyen Prize 2014


The Hoa Trang Nguyen Prize is an annual award honoring top scorers at the national university entrance exam, national academic contest winners, and students attending at the International Olympiad…over the country.

The Prize is annually organized by Tan Tao Group in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Association of Non-public Universities and Colleges.

The award has a profound and positive impact on the society to encourage excellent students and foster the learning spirit of students across the country. 

The Hoa Trang Nguyen 2014 Prize Awarding Ceremony is scheduled to be held in two regions:

  • Northern Region(Including 31 provinces): Scheduled to be held at the National University of Hanoi in early October
  • Southern Region (including 32 provinces and cities in southern and central): Scheduled to be held at Tan Tao University in Long An province in mid-October.