‘Hot trend’ Anime from AI technology turns TTU into beautiful ‘super charisma’


The recent developing trend of young people’s cartoon images has generated an old school anime trend created by AI artificial intelligence technology that transforms photos ranging from landscapes to characters into colourful and animated motion.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is intelligence that has been programmed by humans on machine systems. As a result, these robots will be able to replicate human-like intelligences such as reasoning difficulties, problem solving, thinking, problem fixing when problems arise, speaking, writing, acting, and so on….

The AI that generated this anime-style painting tool is spreading like wildfire in Vietnam. Beautiful images may be obtained in seconds, and everyone enjoys sharing them on social media. As a result, Facebook is currently inundated with anime-style photos.

Tan Tao University’s entrance is lined by lush green trees.

Some TTU photos “catch the trend” and have garnered numerous accolades. “If you love anime, you will faint up and down when you see this scene,” a student named Ngoc Di said of the school’s images.

The gate of TTU school through the drawings of AI

The large campus of Tan Tao University has many European architectural imprints. From the welcome gate to the 3-hectare wide road to the school, the corridors, galleries,… are all recreated very nicely.

TTU with an artificial intelligence overhead perspective
Tan Tao University’s courtyard as seen through a cartoon lens
TTU’s schoolyard, which features two rows of green trees, is depicted in a very “cinematic” manner.
School corridor in the style of a Japanese cartoon
Our display area is vividly represented
New “unique” image of the stairs of Tan Tao University
Corridor in the Levy Hall area
Faculty offices in the Levy building

Tan Tao University becomes a dynamic country like a cartoon under the brushstrokes of AI technology, grabbing the interest of many young people. Indeed, TTU offers numerous “extremely chill” living areas with European breath just waiting for you to discover and enjoy the natural and fresh green air.