Introduction to annual political education in 2021 – 2022


PART I: Introduction about the history and development of Tan Tao University

– The history and development of TTU:

Tan Tao University is a lifelong dream of Mme. Dang Thi Hoang Yen and has become a reality. On October 2, 2004, Tan Tao University started its construction by raising the elevation, developing infrastructure, roads, utilities to transform a flooded and blackish water areas to become Tan Tao University – the first Non-Profit private U.S style university in Vietnam.

– Vision and Mission:

+ Vision: Tan Tao University aspires to become a globally distinguished educational institution, providing excellence in education, while participating in the advancement of knowledge through research and serving the people of Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and the world.

+ Mission: With an educational philosophy, standards, and practices based on the American liberal arts model of higher education, Tan Tao University encourages freedom of thought and expression and seeks to foster tolerance and respect for diversity and dialogue. It aspires to produce individuals committed to creative and critical thinking, life-long learning, personal integrity and civic responsibility, and leadership.

– Education Quality Assurance:

Tan Tao University use curricula designed by Rice University in the US. All TTU students are required to take ‘liberal arts’ courses which account for 25% of their academic programs. These courses include languages, culture, literature, civilizations, history, mathematics, economics, management, leadership skills and communications, mechanics and chemistry. Students take part in many extracurricular activities, clubs, seminars, talks, and soft skills shared by professors so that students can quickly adapt to the social reality.

– Achievements:

100% graduates find jobs right after graduation. 89% of TTU’s graduates are working for conglomerates with an entry salary of up to $1000 per month. And after that, they will be holding a management position with a salary of over $2000 a month. That is the result of the school’s ongoing efforts.

PART II: Introduction to Annual Political Education activity of Tan Tao University students 2021 – 2022

– Contents of Annual Political Education:

The topics of Wednesday (September 29, 2021):

Topic 1. Overview of Tan Tao University (TTU)

– Introducing the TTU: History and development, Vision and Mission, Education Quality Assurance and Achievements.

– Greetings from the Executive Board of TTU

Topic 2 – ND 2.1. Student account

– Student portal

– Student’s email

– Online learning system and software

– Library: Procedure for borrowing and returning documents in terms of online learning

Topic 2 – ND 2.2. Training Regulations

2.2.1. Teaching and learning organization

– Training time for the academic year 2021 – 2022

– Regulations on training credits and annual regulations

– Courses, Required Courses, Elective Courses, Prerequisite Courses

– Register for the course / Cancel the course registration

– Teaching and learning online

2.2.2. Assess learning outcomes

– Evaluate and calculate course scores

– Evaluation of learning results by semester, school year

2.2.3. Academic processing

– Learning alert

Topic 3. Accompanying TTU students

ND 3.1 Student Regulations

ND 3.2 Student Affairs

– Extracurricular activities

– Student management

ND 3.3. Evaluating students’ training results

ND 3.4. Evaluation of credits for soft skills training

Topic 2 – ND 2.3. Study skills for university

2.3.3. Effective method of learning English in the university environment

The topics of Thursday (September 30, 2021):

Topic 2 – ND 2.3. Study skills for university

2.3.1. Set goals and motivate new students to study

Topic 2 – ND 2.3. Study skills for university

2.3.2. Effective methods of studying at university

III. Summary of Annual Political Education.

We wish all students of Tan Tao University Meaningful Annual Political Education activities. Besides, thank you to the teachers in the organizing committee for their contribution to a successful week of Annual Political Education.