Journey of Orienting Future – TTU Campus Tour comes back with many surprises


After grand slam of the first year, the Future Orientation Journey – TTU Campus Tour 2019 will comeback in December with tons of surprises and special activities to support high school students across the nation in finding out the most suitable career path.

Journey of Orienting Future will support students to find out their career path

The program is an annual activity to support high school students, especially the 12th grade students to figure out what they should and should not pursue in this era. And besides that, the Journey of Orienting Future also creates conditions for students to visit and experience the Liberal Arts Education Model with the focus to make students the best version of themselves and become talents of Vietnam. This is also the foundation of educational philosophy at Tan Tao University.

Students took part in Tan Tao University’s Journey of Orienting Future

The highlight of the program also lies in the in-depth consultation on future careers. The opportunity to meet and have a one-on-one conversation with people working in that industry or experienced teachers is where lessons from blood, sweat and tears are revealed.

In addition, this year’s scholarship policy has inspired many students to pursue their dream careers at Tan Tao University. Accordingly, when participating in Campus Tour 2019, if students decide to enroll to TTU, they will receive a 25% scholarship – equivalent to 25% of tuition fee in the first year.

We hope that through Journey Of Orienting Future, students will have initial orientations about the career they will choose in the future and have great time when participating in various activities. We wish all of the students success in the upcoming journey to quickly become talents for the future of Vietnam.