Learning Computer Science Online With Experts at TTU Engineering School


Due to the serious outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, online learning has been implemented by many universities, however, it’s not really in effect because both teachers and students are not ready. However, in a place where online learning seems to be common like TTU, the transition is just a piece of cake. Especially Data Science or Artificial Intelligence of TTU School of Engineering (SOE)

So How SOE ensures the quality of training when transiting to online learning?

SOE has inherently used virtual learning from the beginning of the semester so that students can study with many leading experts from Singapore or Canada through Zoom and Moodle. Therefore, when the absence prolonged due to pandemic and TTU changes its training method, SOE still continues to promote its online learning.

Dr. Cao Tien Dung – Vice Dean of TTU School of Engineering shared: “When TTU switches to online learning, SOE can invite professors from abroad. With Zoom and Moodle systems implemented parallelly, there is almost no difference because teachers and students are still face-to-face at the same time. The only difference lies geographically. Lectures, assignments, or discussions will take place in Moodle”

Online learning at TTU takes place incompatible with academic calendar. Surprisingly, the percentage of students attending classes has never been check because they’re always there. Maintaining teaching and also supporting the motto “We stay at work for you. Please stay at home for us”, SOE’s online learning has ensured good health of individuals and community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Online learning, at the same time, will ensure students’ academic and graduation progress which enable the accessibility of new technologies, thus improvement in their communication skills.

Management Information System (SBE202) of Dr. Cao Tien Dung – Vice Dean of School of Engineering

As born with technology, Dr. Tran Duy Hien – Lecturer of TTU School of Engineering said: “Online learning brings convenience and flexiblity in terms of time. Although TTU arranges online schedule according to academic calendar. Under inevitable circumstances, (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic) teachers and students can take the initiative to catch up with study progress. Actually, online learning is not much different from traditional learning. Online learning on software such as Zoom iss equipped with many teaching tools such as sharing lecturers’ screens, whiteboard and group chat which are convenient for creating positive energy for learners.

Biostatistics and Practices of Dr. Tran Duy Hien – Lecturer of School of Engineering TTU

“Besides being able to apply methods like school teaching, one of the greatest benefits of online learning is that students can acquire the latest knowledge from many lecturers around the world” Dr. Nguyen Xuan Ha – one of the lecturers of TTU Engineering School currently living in Canada.

CS441-Data Visualization of Dr. Nguyen Xuan Ha – Lecturer of TTU School of Engineering

In general, the “real-time” interaction through Zoom still benefit lecturers in monitoring via slides (Screen-Sharing), presenting chalkboards (Whiteboard) … as normal classes which students feel comfortable in studying. For students, this is an opportunity to access the latest tech and leading experts. Moreover, students can review lesson as many times as they like. That helps students take the initiative in improving the learning efficiency of the report to the maximum extent.

Besides the benefits, Does SOE face any challenges in teaching online?

Although many platforms with great features have been developed to empower and motivate both students and teachers, learners are still key factors in promoting dynamism in class. Students should actively ask questions, participate in online classroom activities to have a good interaction between teachers and learners. Besides, when the number of classes is too large, it will not guarantee quality of training. Therefore, online classrooms should have less than 25 students. Indeed, that’s true for School of Engineering.

For the best performance, lecturers need to invest a lot of effort in preparing as well as managing lectures, such as Calculus 1 and Neural network and Deep Learning of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Vu Khanh.

Assoc. TS Tran Vu Khanh – Head of Scientific Research and International Cooperation Department, Deputy Officer of Registrar Office and also a lecturer of TTU School of Engineering expressed: “With these two subjects, the biggest difficulty is practicing. The fact that we work all the time with mathematical formulas, and they are very difficult to display on normal software, so it gets complicated at first. I have recently been equipped with a tablet and a stylus, so it’s fine now”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Vu Khanh is teaching by using his equipment

In general, TTU’s transition to online learning does not affect the teaching much. Studying online logically, reasonably and in appropriate manner will benefit a lot, especially during the pandemic. Due to the benefits that E-learning brings to students, SOE can confirm that online learning is not only a temporary solution, but in the near future, we will continue to prioritize this form of learning to get updated from leading experts not only in the country but also worldwide.

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