Medical students attended the JCR Conference on Cardiovascular Intervention in Busan, Korea 2019


From December 12 to December 14, the 19th JCR Conference was held in the coastal city of Busan, South Korea. This time, there were 3 medical students from TTU School of Medicine taking part in the report led by Professor Thach Nguyen.

The first one was Vu Tri Loc with the topic “Using coronary diagnostic machine learning to recognize laminar, reverse and turbulent flows” under the guidance of Prof. Thach Nguyen and Dr. Cao Tien Dung from School of Engineering.

This study is based on the theory of intravascular aggression.
Vu Tri Loc presented his method of image processing by using Python

Next, Nguyen Nhat Bao Anh took the stage with the topic: “Spotting irregular flow in coronary artery by hydraulic method – Correlation between injuries when normal flow shows no sign of damage, because there are no initial starting factors: Important predictions about future situations”. Bao Anh proposed a new way for researchers to closely monitor and follow up in the upcoming time.

Based on the observation of changes in the nature of the flow on Angiiogram film to make predictions about the origin of coronary artery disease.

Evaluation of the flow changes is based from comparison of each image frame

Finally, there came Le Nguyen Minh Quan with the topic “” Pilot study of the violent collision of the downstream flow and the upstream flow causing the initial endothelial injury of plaque and break the lid of vulnerable plaques”. This report has attracted attention from many doctors and researchers.

With the research method given, it can partly explain the cause of acute coronary syndrome.

The research offers a new path and challenging direction.

After the conference, TTU students spent time visiting the city of Busan and enjoying local cuisine.

Taking photos with the Korean soldiers
Visiting the Gukje Market

 Enjoying Christmas in Korea.