Medicine Mission: Tan Tao University’s Faculty of Medicine’s teaching staff’s enthusiasm and aspiration


Tan Tao University School of Medicine, with the mission of training quality medical human resources and conducting scientific research to meet the needs of community health care, is also a gathering place for lecturers who are professors, PhDs, and doctors who are dedicated to the health care profession and have many years of experience from medical schools, large hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout the country.

The Tan Tao University (TTU) Council recently announced the decision to appoint the Heads and Deputy Heads of the Faculty of Medicine, which holds many important positions in the system of medical management, training, and research at home and abroad in terms of teaching and training a generation of skilled medical doctors at TTU, including the head of TTU Medical Faculty, Prof. Dr Thach Nguyen, founding dean, was the first Vietnamese-American elected to the Executive Committee of the American Heart Association and the American Society of Interventional Cardiology; Cardiovascular Research Director of Methodist Hospital, Merrillville Indiana; Director of Cardiology at St Mary Medical Center, Hobart Indiana, USA.

Dr. Diep Thanh Tuong, the Deputy Dean of TTU’s Faculty of Medicine, is a Cardiology specialist with more than 30 years of experience in specialised examination of heart failure, arrhythmia, valvular disease, and specialising in screening, management, and prevention of cardiovascular stroke risk.

Prof. Thach Nguyen (Dean of TTU Medical Faculty) and students participated in a report at the Cardiology conference – Organized in Busan, Korea

Along with a team of prominent instructors, there are Heads and Deputy Heads of specialised subjects:

  • Professor PhD Doctor Le Hoang Ninh, National Teacher, is the Head of the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine
  • Prof. PhD .Dr Le Quang Nghia – Department Head of “general Surgery”
  • Prof. PhD. Dr Le Van Cuong – Deputy Head of Department ” general Surgery”
  • Associate Professor. PhD. Dr Pham Nguyen Vinh – Head of Department “general Internal Medicine”
  • Associate Professor. PhD. Dr Tran Thi Hong – Head of Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • Associate Professor. PhD. Dr Vu Huy Tru – Head of Pediatrics
  • Associate Professor. PhD. Dr Nguyen Tuan Vinh – Head of Department “Medical Specialty”
  • PhD. Dr Vu Thi Kim Chi – Head of the Department of “Gynecology and Obstetrics”
  • Specialist Doctor II. Nguyen Thi Bich Lien – Deputy Head of Department “internal Medical Specialty”
  • Specialist Doctor II. Nguyen Van Hung – Deputy Head of Department “Medical Specialty”
  • Master. Doctor Nguyen Hong Duc – Deputy Head of Department “Medicine Specialty “
In the ceremony of appointing the roles of Head-Deputy Dean of the Department of Specialisation, the teaching staff is Professor. PhD. Dr of Tan Tao University’s Medical Faculty

Professor. Phd. Dr Le Quang Nghia holds the position of Head of general Surgery Department

TTU Medical Faculty also inked an agreement with 17 hospitals, who are the Faculty’s partners, to organise practical training in the health industry. TTU was the first institution to incorporate the USMLE subject into the curriculum; students can participate in summer courses in countries such as the United States, Korea, and others. Simultaneously, the school side has formed collaborative partnerships in order to expand the Institute – School model; regularly, students will be dedicated and professionally led by a team of lecturers and doctors at University Hospital Y Tan Tao.

1st Specialist Doctor “At TTU, teachers are professors. PhD. Dr the industry leader in teaching has helped them effectively apply theory to practise, guiding and guiding students to develop into talented and reliable doctors in the future,” said Nguyen Thi Le Nga, who works at Binh Dan Hospital and is the parents of two children, Duong Phuc Hai and Duong Tram Anh (YK3 class – medical course 3). The amount of clinical knowledge and abilities taught at TTU has helped students enhance communication skills and clinical thinking prepare and manage time, similar to public medical universities such as University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University. I recognise that this is the bridge that will allow the next generation of doctors to gain access to modern medical knowledge, promote the capacity to utilise other languages, and confidently, confidently, and effectively apply it to the working environment at home and abroad.”

1st Specialist Doctor Nguyen Thi Le Nga (right cover) at the graduation ceremony with her 2 children, student Duong Phuc Hai and student Duong Tram Anh (YK3 class – medical course 3)

After years of construction and development, Tan Tao University’s Faculty of Medicine is not only a place to impart theoretical information and practical medical abilities, but also a place for students to foster their talents and find their passions. The medical profession’s bright and devoted instructors are a tremendous source of inspiration, adding substantial value to the future of medical students.