Meeting with LEVEL EX Medical Team in Chicago


On Monday September 23, 2019, Dr Thach Nguyen, Acting Provost of Tan Tao University (TTU) and Academic Dean of the TTU School of Medicine and medical students from TTU and physicians from Pham Ngoc Thach medical school arrived at LEVEL EX office for an extensive working session with Dr Elsa Varghese, who is in charge of the medical section of LEVEL EX. LEVEL EX is a company producing video games as training tools for doctors, nurses, health professionals and medical students.

At first, according to the agenda, the TTU team presented the medical information which need to be packed into a video game

4th year TTU medical student Huynh Dang Thanh Phuong presented what medical students need to know and memorize about aortic stenosis (level A)

Mr Huynh Dang Thanh Phuong made a point by explaining to the LEVEL EX team the meaning of a systolic ejection murmur commonly heard in patient with aortic stenosis

After the presentation of Mr Huynh Dang Thanh Phuong, Dr Thach Nguyen summarized to the LEVEL EX team what clinically relevant and essential for medical students to remember during their training (Level A= Basic information of a typical diagnosis)

Next, 4th year TTU medical student Nguyen Thi Kim Dung presented what a general internist needs to know and memorize about aortic stenosis (Level B)

Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Dung explained to the LEVEL EX team the cardiac catherization procedure in order to confirm the diagnosis of aortic stenosis. (level B= information of a typical diagnosis with commonly seen variations and standard management)

Next, 4th year TTU medical student Tong Xuan Huy presented what a clinical cardiologist needs to know and memorize about aortic stenosis (Level C= advanced level of information with all types of presentation, including exotic or rare cases, comprehensive management)

At the end of the TTU presentation, 5th medical student of Debrecen Medical school, Hungary, Bui Quoc Thien discussed how to present the different scenarios of diagnosis and management of aortic stenosis in a video game aimed to the audience with different levels of medical training and experience (medical students to cardiologist expert)

After the presentation of the TTU students, Dr Duy Chung, a graduate of Pham Ngoc Thach school of medicine, presented his thoughts about the current video games of LEVEL EX.

In the response to the question from the TTU team, Dr Elsa Varghese of LEVEL EX presented the latest version of the video games for pulmonologists as a prototype of video games for other specialties (including cardiology). In the discussion, Dr Thach Nguyen explained what relevant and what not interested for cardiologists who are super busy in their works. Dr Thach Nguyen also emphasized that the accuracy of the medical information packed in the games need to be perfect in order for LEVEL EX to be a provider of continuing medical education (CME) for physicians. Dr Thach Nguyen promised to involve the Harvard medical school as the sponsor for the CME certificate of the video games of LEVEL EX if the medical infos in the games are correct, accurate and advanced as any other CME programs (especially the ones from Harvard).

At the end, every agreed for the next step: a meeting at LEVEL EX in late October. The TTU team will present the relevant and essential medical data for the first 10 cardiology cases to be packed in a game. The TTU requests that the game should be fun, exciting and addicting. This is a new platform to train humans in every aspect of life including professional training for medicine, law, business, humanities, languages.

TTU is proud to be a pioneer in this exciting and 100% 21st century endeavor.

A final commemorative picture with both teams, TTU and LEVEL EX.

First row from left to right: Nguyen Huynh Thu Dung (TTU), Tong Xuan Huy (TTU), Dr Thach Nguyen, Dr Elsa Varghese, Bui Quoc Thien (Debrecen).

Second row: Huynh Dang Thanh Phuong, Drs Ngo Minh Luan and Duy Chung

In this photo, 6th year medical student Vu Tri Loc is first on the second row, from left to right. Mr Vu Tri Loc is on his way to San Francisco to present on Thursday September 26, an abstract at the Transcatheter Therapeutics (TCT) in San Francisco, California. The tittle of the abstract is: Using Artificial Intelligence to Match Culprit Lesions in Acute Coronary Syndrome with Turbulent Flow Caused by Collision of Antegrade and Retrograde Coronary Flow. In this TCT meeting, Mr Vu Tri Loc will attend with Mr Le Nguyen Dang Khoa, another TTU student who is co-author in the abstract.

Congratulations and Good Lucks, Mr Vu Tri Loc and Le Nguyen Dang Khoa.

At the mean time, the TTU team will look forwards the meeting at the end of October. Life is always a challenge