“MY VIETNAM” of the specials

“MY VIETNAM” of the specials

Despite the constraint of time in Vietnam, Dr. Venu Kondle and his wife, businesswoman, Sabita Kondle have left beautiful impression for the Vietnamese, especially students, faculty and staff of Tan Tao University.

Dr. Venu Kondle and Businesswoman Sabita Kondle (middle) visited TTU

“As a doctor and a visionary leader, he possesses a keen business sense and a sympathetic heart for his patients” – Kathleen Black, colleague at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital talked to me. In addition, a friend alongside with him even a thousand miles away from California, who inspired him to start a business on the foundation of a doctor, that’s his beloved wife, businesswoman Sabita Kondle. With over 12 years of experience managing North Valley Nephrology and CEO of New Line Education LLC in Sacramento, California, Dr. Venu Kondle and she have improved the lives of thousands of people and educated them in entrepreneurship and psychological counseling in marriage.

After leaving Thailand on TG550 flight, Dr. Kondle and his wife were warmly welcomed by the faculty and students of the School of Medicine at Tam Duc Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. With the goal of establishing a new medical school in Northern California, Dr. Kondle’s visit to TTU has opened new prospects for cooperation between a leading liberal arts education institution (TTU) in Vietnam and the world. At Tam Duc Hospital, the faculty and students of the TTU School of Medicine presented the achievements and results in scientific research in 2019 and plans for 2020.

At the meeting, vice dean Le Xuan Truong summarized the academic and administrative achievements of the school of medicine in 2019
Dr Pham Hong Gia Nguyen, a 2019 medical graduate of the School of Medicine presented her experiences in the application for a slot of internship in Vietnam
2nd year medical student, Le Xuan Minh Phuc, shared her experience in presentation of her research in Vietnam and abroad.
2nd year medical student Do Nguyen Nhat Quang presented his current project: Advising a company in Chicago in the making of medical video games for US cardiologists. This is an important project of the TTU School of Medicine.
Dr Nguyen Hong Quan (2019 graduate of the School of Medicine) presented the plan of the 7 doctors from the SOM who are preparing the USMLE exam, in order to continue the training and future practice in the US.
At the end of the meeting, Dr Venu Kondle addressed all the faculty and students of the school of Medicine about the plan for close cooperation with TTU in the opening of a new medical school in Northern California
At the end, Dr Venu and Sabita Kondle took a picture with faculty and students in order to commemorate the first meeting between Drs Kondle and faculty and students of the TTU School of Medicine.

Despite witnessing many unique customs and local specialties, as a doctor, Dr. Kondle and his wife chose the menu with vegetarian dishes or low-fat to prevent heart disease.

After that, as the invitation of Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen, Dr. Kondle’s family was pleased to attend Provost’s Tet Reception – Tan Tao University’s Year-end Meeting. Here, the journey from starting his business, establishing a company and getting initial successes in his career were revealed clearly. This is much alike to the process of seeking for an appropriate education model for the youth of Vietnam of Dr. Mme. President Dang Thi Hoang Yen. Dr. Kondle also hoped and had great faith in the good relationship between TTU and his companies in the future.

Dr. Venu Kondle spoke at TTU Provost’s Reception

Aside from work, he and his wife also spent time exploring the beauty of Vietnamese culture and customs. The trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Tay Ninh Holy See has completely changed the way his wife and he thought about Vietnam – a country on the fast track of socio-economic development. “On the way to Cu Chi, I looked to the sides of the road and thought that this country still has a lot of opportunities for development,” said Sabita Kondle.

And final, you have never witnessed a more exciting and open than the meeting between two business professionals and TTU apprentices. Although there was a time constraint, mind-blowing secrets from Dr. Venu has revealed a different pathway to become successful in the United States – another trail to triumph. All miracles are briefed into: “Networking – Values – Being Kind and Compassionate”

In contrast, TTU students proudly stood up for their dreams, ambition and difficulties and thereby, conquer the impossible from advice from Dr. Venu Kondle and his wife.