The First Day of History (D0) when Tan Tao University School of Medicine Transitions to 100% Online Teaching


In the early morning of Monday, March 16, at 8:30 AM, Prof Le Xuan Truong, vice dean of Tan Tao University (TTU) School of Medicine (SOM) started the online teaching program with a lecture on Biochemistry Medicine. Even all the schools are closed by the COVID 19 outbreak, students of TTU, including medical students can study well, without missing lectures and hospital rounds.

Prof Le Xuan Truong in his office lecturing the first-year medical students who are scattered all over the provinces, comfortable in their home, while studying. This is the beauty of online learning.

At 9:00 PM, from Merrillville, Indiana, (which is 9:00 AM in Vietnam) Dr. Ernest Talarico Jr talked to 3rd-year medical students, gave instructions on how to study medicine, and wished them well in their new endeavor.

At 9:15 PM, from Chicago, IL, USA, (which is 9:15 AM in Vietnam) Truong Thai MD gave a talk on Critical Thinking in Diagnosis and Management during Bedside Rounds to 3rd-year medical students. Dr. Thai gave plenty of examples and asked a lot of questions. The students responded by answering and by asking back. The discussion was lively and energetic. Student Luong An hosted and moderated successfully the session. This week, the 3rd year medical students will present every day 2 cases to Dr. Truong Thai

At 9:00AM, Dr Nguyen Xuan Thao moderated the session of a first case presentation by students rotating at the OB-GYN department: Post-op C-section. Dr Pham Dinh Nhuong is the main faculty.

Dr Pham Dinh Nhuong lead the discussion, asked questions, pinpointed the main details or important information that the young physicians need to remember. All students have the chance to discuss, to ask questions and to comment.

At 10:00AM, Dr Vu Huy Tru chaired the teaching session organized by the Pediatrics department, moderated by Dr Nguyen Dinh Huan. The fourth-year medical students presented a patient with Henoch Schonlein purpura from Nhi Dong 2 hospital.

In the early afternoon, at 1:00PM, Prof Pham Nguyen Vinh, Chairman, Department of Medicine gave his lecture to the 3rd-year medical students. Without the online format, the lecture would have been canceled. However, 2 young medical students of TTU came to the office of Prof Vinh, set up the laptop and assisted Prof Vinh during the whole session.

The lecture was recorded and will be uploaded on the website of the TTU school of medicine so students can retrieve and listen to the recording if they need to listen to some parts of it again because they missed or did not understand them. The tip from the American students who retrieve and listen to the recording is to listen the lecture at double speed. If not, the students do not have time to listen. Usually in the US, one hour lecture in class requires 3 hours reviewing at home.

At the beginning of the session, the student head of class made a roll call so the students can claim credit for attendance. Some students of other classes who like to listen again at the lectures of Prof Vinh also attended. This is the beauty of online learning.

At the same time, on the other side of the city, Dr. Le Van Hung was teaching Flu on the dining table of his home. Student Truong Trung Duc sits on the other side of the table worked as a host.

In a relaxing atmosphere, with time-saving from traveling from the hospital to the auditorium, Dr. Le Van Hung was teaching Flu.

The number of attendance by students is near perfect. However, if the students were checking email, eating, or babysitting at the same time, nobody could check. This is the fun of being a student in the time of the COVID-19 outbreak. The American students are doing the same.

This is the slides of Dr Nguyen Duy Phong, on reproductive health. Online teaching is one of the best ways to teach and for students to learn.

Here is the schedule of lectures and bedside rounds of today Tuesday March 17, 2020

8:00AM Physiology Y1 students

Doan Van Huyen MD, TTU, Long An

8:00AM Pharmacology Y2 students

Doan Van Khanh PhD, Long An campus

9:00AM Case Presentation Y3 students

Truong Thai MD, Chicago, IL, USA


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9:00AM Diagnostic Imaging, Y5 students

Nguyen Van Hung MD, 7A hospital

9:30AM Case presentation: GEU by Y6 students

Nguyen Xuan Thao MD, Nguyen T Phuong Hospital

10:00AM Case presentation: Y4 students

Nguyen Dinh Huan MD, Nhi Dong2 hospital

1:00PM General English, Y2 students

Nhon Dang MD, TTU Long An campus

1:00PM Basics of Surgery Y3 students

Prof Le Quang Nghia, Chairman Department of Surgery of TTU School of Med. Binh Dan Hospital

1:00PM Endocrinology Y4 students

Pham Cong Truong MD

Wednesday March 18, at 10:00AM, Online teaching round Two Y5 students will present cases and will be moderated by Peter Singer MD, Prof of Med, Chief, Clinical Endocrinology, U of South California (USC), Los Angeles

Friday March 20, 9:00AM, Basics of Hematology, for Y4 students

This is the first of a series of eight introductory lectures of hematology By Andy Nghia Nguyen MD, Professor of Medicine, U of Texas in Houston, Houston TX,