Ngo Thi Thanh Truc – Economic student must be “special”


Ngo Thi Thanh Truc is an active person who participates in many community activities. Truc is a junior in the School of Economics and Business Administration at Tan Tao University. Besides, Truc also has impressive academic achievements. Let’s find out how Thanh Truc aspired to become an outstanding student.

Impressive academic achievement

Ngo Thi Thanh Truc is a straight A for 12 consecutive years from the primary and secondary levels, the Hoa Trang Nguyen Awardee (2017). She won the consolation prize in the Provincial Exams for Gifted Students in English (2017) and received a 100% scholarship in the Fall Semester 2018 of Tan Tao University.

Ngo Thi Thanh Truc received the “Hoa Trang Nguyen” Award in 2017

Truc shared: “In the next three years, I want to develop my skills and improve my knowledge as much as possible. I really want to go on the internship 2020 in the US, graduate from TTU with an excellent degree and intern at multinational companies. Then, I will try to get a job at a multinational company to gain experience and expertise then, study abroad for a master’s degree”. In addition, Thanh Truc also enjoys reading books and watching business movies.

Actively participate in extracurricular activities.

Thanh Truc really loves participating in social programs and activities. Truc said: “For each program participating in, I learned a lot and knew that there were still things that needed to be changed. Some can be named as self-understanding, communication skills, situational flexibility, training adaptability, leadership skills, problem solving skills, time management skills.

Recently, Thanh Truc also participated in two international economic conference, “The 9th Mekong Forum and the 2018 ASEAN Business Community” and the Summit “Connecting ASEAN Business Community 2018”. About the trips, Thanh Truc sincerely said: “I had the chances to meet up with world leaders in Myanmar and listened to their sharing about investment opportunities and challenges in the economic promotion policy of the South East Asia. In addition, I realized the bigger the world is, the quicker I have to change to adapt to this modern world”.

Participating The 9th Mekong Forum and the 2018 ASEAN Business Community
Participating in Summit “Connecting ASEAN Business Community 2018”

Thanh Truc is also the MC of many event such as Provost’s Tet Reception 2019, Spring Camp 2019 and the Team Leader of the organizers of the program Cultural Academic Student Exchange (CASE) with students from the USA in April, 2019.

Leader of the Organizer in Cultural Academic Student Exchange 2019
MC in Provost’s Tet Reception
MC Spring Camp 2019

Becoming a “special” student

Thanh Truc earns a reputation for “special” student, because she is not only outstanding in the field of academics, but also active and involved in many extra-curriculum activities. The secret to success of Truc lies in one sentence: “Learn hard and play hard, when I learn or revise lessons, I will focus 100% and try to complete them early to have time for other things”.

English is also an indispensable part of a student like Truc. She made it like a habit, which is an effort to read and listen every day in English.

With her knowledge and experience, Ngo Thi Thanh Truc will surely “go fast and far” and quickly achieve success in the future. The quote that Thanh Truc loves the most is “Everything comes at a cost, always ask yourself what you are willing to pay for it.”